Diamond Moon by Celia Breslin


Celiaโ€™s Picks for Halloween Binge-worthy Shows


My family loves to binge-watch paranormal movies and TV shows for Halloween, especially those involving vampires and werewolves. Here are our top ten picks for your All Hallowsโ€™ Eve viewing pleasureโ€ฆ
1. The Underworld movies.ย ย Love all of those digitally rendered Lycans!
2. Wolf (1994), starring Jack Nicholson. Seriously, itโ€™s *Jack Nicholson*. Enough said. ๐Ÿ™‚
3. An American Werewolf in London (1981).ย ย Classic.
4. The Lost Boys (1987).ย ย Naughty vampires, wicked good fun.
5.ย ย Blade (1998).ย ย Action!
6. From Dusk Till Dawn, (1996).ย ย And more action!
7. Buffy the Vampire Slayer TV series and its spin-off, Angel. Vampires, werewolves, and more, oh my!ย ย Joss Whedon rules.
8. Vampire Diaries TV series and its spin-off, The Originals.ย ย Sexy, naughty vampires, kickass werewolves, and a whole slew of entertaining witches.
9.ย ย True Blood TV series. Vamps, wolves, witches, and the fae. Fun, funny, dark, and bloody.
10. One last movie, and my all-time fav, The Cabin in the Woods (2012).ย ย Funny, a bit scary with some good and creepy transformation effects, and chock-full of great lines such as:ย ย โ€œYeah, uh, I had to dismember that guy with a trowel. What have you been up to?โ€ and, โ€œHey, shh, no. I totally get it. Iโ€™m sorry I let you get attacked by a werewolf and then ended the world.โ€

Diamond Moon

Black Hills Wolves

Book 12

Celia Breslin


Genre: Paranormal Romance





Publisher: Decadent Publishing
Date of Publication:ย ย March 27, 2015
ISBN: 978-1-61333-803-2
Number of pages: 85
Word Count: 29,737
Cover Artist: Fiona Jayde
Book Description:
Human-wolf hybrid Darci Diamond spends every full moon locked in auntieโ€™s basement in Southern Oregon. Her excruciating shifts terrify her, the last one causing her heart to stop beating. Seeking a cure, she journeys to Los Lobos.
Ross Luparell returns to the struggling Tao pack, using his millions made in the tech industry to build homes for pack families in need. He never imagined he would also find his one true mate. But when a hybrid with the biggest green eyes heโ€™s ever seen lands on his doorstep in the middle of a wicked summer storm, thereโ€™s no denying it. Sheโ€™s the one.
She wants a normal human life, free from pain-filled shifts. He wonโ€™t give up on her Wolf, and will do whatever it takes to help her accept her true nature. But can he convince her to trust him with her heart?
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About the Author:
Celia lives in California with her husband, daughter, and two feisty cats. She writes urban fantasy and paranormal romance, and has a particular fondness for vampires, werewolves, and the Fae. When not writing, youโ€™ll find Celia editing for others, exercising, reading a good book, hanging with her family, or indulging her addiction to Joss Whedonโ€™s TV shows and movies.
Newsletter:ย ย http://eepurl.com/bxqwRL

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