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Organized Crime Queens:

The Secret World of Female Gangsters

by Jerry Bader

Genre: Biography


From the bizarre world of female Japanese motorcycle gangs to the historic

rise and fall of London’s Forty Elephants, the history of female

organized crime is both fascinating and strange. These are the

stories, both true and legendary of the female crime bosses that

broke the mould of feminine gentility. This is The Secret World of

Female Gangsters.

Most of society thinks of women as the gentler sex, the sex with more

compassion and empathy, not prone to violence. The truth is history,

and current events, are littered with stories of violent women who do

whatever it takes to get what they want; women who either revel in,

or accept as needed, whatever acts of torture, murder and depravity

that are required to achieve their goals. We’re not talking about

mundane psychopaths that kill their children and their husbands; or

homicidal maniacs that kill randomly without purpose, other than for

some sexual or psychological gratification. We’re talking about

female organized crime bosses, leaders of highly structured, often

successful criminal organizations.

Most everyone knows about the high profile male mobsters; people like

Lucky Luciano, Myer Lansky, Bugsy Segal, Arnold Rothstein, and Al

Capone: men who became legends, rightly or wrongly, due to the

public’s insatiable appetite for literature, movies, and television

stories based on their lives. But what about their female

counterparts, they definitely existed and still exist. Their stories

are both fascinating and cautionary. Their histories provide an

alternative perspective on the equality of the sexes; everything has

a price. We are talking about smart, capable, talented, ruthless

women who under other circumstances might have become leaders in

either business or politics; women who demanded respect, loyalty and

a big payday; or else.

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What’s Your Poison?:

How Cocktails Got Their Names

by Jerry Bader


Why do we call mixed alcohol drinks “cocktails”? How do they get

their exotic names: names like the Singapore Sling, Screw Driver, the

Alamagoozlum, the Angel’s Kiss, the Hanky Panky, the Harvey

Wallbanger, Sex On The Beach, the Monkey Gland, the Brass Monkey, the

Margarita, the Japalac, the Lion’s Tail, and many, many more? Who

makes up these names, where are they invented, why, and how do you

make them? These questions will be answered in “What’s Your

Poison?” by exploring the incidents, people, and places that

prompted the creation of these exotic concoctions.

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Beating the System

by Jerry Bader


It’s been said that gambling is a tax on the dumb; that may be overly

harsh, but the fact is, most gambling venues are designed to

guarantee you lose. It doesn’t matter if it’s horseracing,

lotteries, casinos, or the annual state fair. As soon as you plunk

down your dollar you’re a loser. Those milk bottles at the bottom

of the pyramid you’re trying to knock down are filled with lead,

and that basketball net that looks so close you can’t miss, is

actually oval not round, and barely big enough for a ball to pass


Most people like to take a chance every once in a while; maybe they’ll

get lucky. It’s a kick, a lark: an afternoon’s entertainment.

They know when to walk away… others don’t… some can’t. For

them it’s a drug, a search for an unattainable high. Deep down they

don’t even want to win. It’s sad. It’s pathetic is what it is.

You see these sorry souls at the track, at the casinos, or anywhere

there’s a game of chance. They’ll bet on horses, dogs, camels’…

even killer roosters. It’s nuts I know, but their addicts, they’ll

bet on people, and that’s the worst bet of all. Gambling is for

suckers; that’s why gamblers don’t gamble, they fix the game, and

even then, it doesn’t always work.

Horse racing is advertised as the sport of kings. Sure, if that’s what

you want to believe. I was a jockey, it was my job, but I made my

living as a fixer. You want to know what really goes on behind the

scenes. You want to know what horse racing is really all about. Then

come a little closer, cause I got a story for you.

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Jerry Bader is author, publisher, and Senior Partner in He

has written twelve hybrid graphic novels (including “The Method,”

“The Comeuppance,” “The Coffin Corner,” and “Grist For The

Mill”), thirteen children’s books (including “Two Dragons Named

Shoe,” “The Town That Didn’t Speak,” “The Bad Puppeteer,”

“The Criminal McBride,” and “Mr. Bumbershoot, The Umbrella

Man”), three marketing books, and several novels and biographies

including “The Fixer” and “Organized Crime Queens.”

The  graphic novels are unique in that they are designed as screenplays

with accompanying storyboard panels to give the reader an enhanced

experience akin to reading like a movie producer. Watch for new

releases as they come available!


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Leave the Pieces Behindby Shirley Anne Edwards

Genre: YA Romance

Bree Apollo is an average fifteen-year-old girl: she loves chocolate, baking cupcakes, and her neighbor, the hunky and all around popular seventeen-year-old Foster Quinn. Except Foster is clueless about her feelings for him, instead treating her like a kid sister and begging for her homemade desserts. As a fellow chocolate lover, he should be Bree’s for the taking, if it werent for his oh-so-perfect


After she overhears Foster making fun of her to his friends, she’s devastated. And not even chocolate can take away the pain. She intends to wallow in grief for a boy that was never hers to begin with, but Austen, her eccentric new neighbor has other ideas.

The strange boy down the street always wears a black fedora, walks barefoot, and focuses all his energy on building a treehouse in his backyard. For some reason, he’s elected Bree to help him. At first, she turns him down because he acts too awkward and takes everything she says literally. But after learning of his autism, she decides to help with his construction (forgiving him for not being a chocolate fan), even though she doesn’t know a think about power tools.

As Bree and Austen grow closer, Foster notices Bree no longer worships the ground he walks on. He wants her to go back to that doting version of Bree, but Austen has become more important to her than

she’s ready to admit.

Austen may just be the one to help her move on from Foster.

Like two pieces of a puzzle, they fit together perfectly.

Necromanceby Armand RosamiliaGenre: Supernatural Horror 


My name is Cheri Rose Thorne. 

I spend my life hunting Vamps and Fiends and killing them, but my main

goal has always been to destroy my evil father while keeping my

sisters at bay.

Sex, drugs and rock and roll keep me going. Oh, and killing things.

This supernatural horror thriller will keep you turning the pages. I


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Armand Rosamilia is a New Jersey boy currently living in sunny Florida,

where he writes when he’s not sleeping. He’s happily married to a

woman who helps his career and is supportive, which is all he ever

wanted in life… 

He’s written over 150 stories that are currently available, including

horror, zombies, contemporary fiction, thrillers and more. His goal

is to write a good story and not worry about genre labels.

He not only runs two successful podcasts…

Arm Cast: Dead Sexy Horror Podcast – interviewing fellow authors as well

as filmmakers, musicians, etc.

The Mando Method Podcast with co-host Chuck Buda – talking about writing

and publishing

But he owns the network they’re on, too! Project Entertainment


He also loves to talk in third person… because he’s really that cool.

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​She won’t be able to resist this TIGHT END.The Rivalry by Nikki Sloane releases on NOVEMBER 21st!PICK YOUR SIDE




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This tight end is at the top of his game.

He’s good with his hands, even better with his sexy mouth, and the best at making me forget my own name. His—ahem—stats are perfect.

But I can’t fall for him.

He might be everything I want, all rolled into a glorious package of gridiron god, but there’s one teeny-tiny problem. The vile, loathsome team I’ve spent my entire life hating—my beloved school’s arch-rival?

This guy is their star player.

Bottoms Up by Holly Renee – Release Day 

Cover Design:Regina Wamba / Mae I Design & Photography

Release Date: October 18, 2017



From the moment I met him, I knew he was trouble.

He was reckless, cocky, and everything I shouldn’t want.

I had a life all figured out, and Tucker Moore was not a part of the plan.

But somehow I slipped.

One moment I had it all under control.

The next I was spiraling around him, begging him for whatever he would give me.

But as quickly as I fell for him, it all crumbled around us.

Because everything I thought I knew was far from the truth.

There was only one way to fix what we had done.

So I turned my world Bottoms Up.







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About the Author

Bookaholic, firm believer in grand gestures, and obsessed with happily ever afters. 

Holly Renee was born and raised in a small town in Tennessee where she lives with her husband and three fur-babies, Luna, Dobby, and Bellatrix. (Yes. She has a slight obsession with Harry Potter.) 

During the day, Holly spends her time as a nurse, but once she gets home, she falls deep into her passion of reading and writing.


Connect with Holly


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​I must remember how he eviscerated my heart, my hopes for a future—my hope for a future with him.He Loves Me…KNOT by RC Boldt is coming soon on NOVEMBER 14th!

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Sometimes love needs a second chance…

I never looked back after skipping out on my own wedding, even if it did leave me estranged from most of my family. Eight years later, I have the life I’ve always wanted. As an advertising account executive, my world is damn near perfect. 

Until I come face-to-face with my past. With the man I once loved. The man who holds my future in his hands. The man who’s hell-bent on getting even with me for leaving him at the altar. 

Even with all the unfinished business between us, I still love Knox Montgomery. The only problem? 

He loves me…KNOT.

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Series: The Cinderella Romances, book 2

Author: Petie McCarty

Genre: contemporary romance

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Garrett Tucker inherits his grandfather’s casino empire and steps into the reclusive billionaire’s shoes as the “Prince of Vegas.” His first act is to buy a bankrupt casino in Biloxi. When he discovers embezzling in his new operation, Garrett goes in undercover. His prime suspect is the new finance supervisor—the spitfire brunette who stole his heart at first sight.

Andi Ryan moves to Biloxi to care for her godmother and takes a job as finance supervisor for the renovated Bayou Princess casino. She discovers someone is skimming from the till and starts her own investigation, worried she will be blamed for the theft when the new owner discovers her godmother has a gambling addiction.

A rival Vegas competitor has sent a spy in to ruin the Bayou Princess, and Garrett and Andi are forced to work together to prove her innocence and discover the identity of their casino spy.

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Series: The Granville Legacy series, book 1

Author: Pamela Lynne

Genre: Historical Romantic Suspense (British Regency)

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In a world of honor and obligation, falling in love can be a dangerous game. Captain Richard Granville has returned to London after serving the Crown in perilous missions fighting Napoleon’s army. Bone weary and distrustful of all around him, the captivating Jane Dawson awakens his long dormant desire for more than a solitary existence. When he learns she is betrothed to his father, the conniving and dangerous Earl of Litchfield, shadows of the past descend upon Richard, bringing along memories of a tortuous childhood and his failure to protect the person he had loved most.

Jane Dawson would pay any price to renew her family’s happiness, but is the cost of marrying Lord Litchfield too high? A woman of virtue and honor, she cannot break a promise once given, especially when doing so would ruin those she seeks to protect. But can she ignore the connection she feels to the wild soldier who understands both her duty and her heart?

Follow the men of the Granville family in this suspenseful Regency romance series as they discover that their family legacy is much darker than they realized, and that the future holds treasures they can only grasp by surrendering the past.





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Dragonfriend Series Book 1

by Marc Secchia

Genre: YA Epic Fantasy


Gold Award winner – 2016 Independent Publisher Book Awards

Stabbed. Burned by a dragon. Abandoned for the windrocs to pick over.

The traitor Ra’aba tried to silence Hualiama forever. But he reckoned

without the strength of a dragonet’s paw, and the courage of a girl

who refused to die.

Only an extraordinary friendship will save Hualiama’s beloved kingdom of

Fra’anior and restore the King to the Onyx Throne. Flicker, the

valiant dragonet. Hualiama, a foundling, adopted into the royal

family. The power of a friendship which paid the ultimate price.

This is the tale of Hualiama Dragonfriend, and a love which became legend.

Series Note

Dragonfriend is a YA fantasy novel set in the same world of the bestselling dragon

adventure series Shapeshifter Dragons and Shapeshifter Dragon Legends.

It can be read in any order alongside AranyaShadow Dragon and The

Pygmy Dragon. Awesome dragons, epic stories and deep dragon lore abound in

this unique series set in a world of volcanic islands above the clouds.

Goodreads * Amazon


Marc is a South African-born dragon masquerading as an author, who loves

writing about dragons and Africa, preferably both at the same time.

He’s the author of 23 fantasy books in 3 languages (2 more languages

coming this year – watch this space!), including 8 rip-roaring dragon

fantasy bestsellers. Dragonfriend won a Gold Award for Fantasy in the

2016 IPPY Book Awards. 

When he’s not writing about Africa or dragons Marc can be found travelling

to remote locations. He thinks there’s nothing better than standing

on a mountaintop wondering what lies over the next horizon.

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Stories Untold

Stories Untold

by Leslie Wolfe

Genre: Thriller, Suspense



 Can a psychologist, still grieving the loss of her husband, save a

traumatized war veteran who is planning his own death? Stories

Untold explores the devastation of loss, the struggle to find meaning in life, and

the enduring power of love that transcends boundaries between past

and future.

They’re both strong and fearless, determined, relentless. 

He’s a decorated war veteran and he wants to die. 

She’s a prominent psychologist and she won’t give up on him.

When a suicidal client seeks her help, Dr. Angela Blackwell cannot

turn him away, despite the fact that he isn’t seeking the kind of

help she normally provides her clients. The man, who won’t fully

identify himself, wants the distinguished psychologist to stand

witness after his planned death in six months’ time, ensuring his

wife will not be charged as an accessory or be hindered from

collecting the death benefit he carefully provisioned for her. He

calls himself DJ and won’t willingly share anything about his past.

As Dr. Blackwell is struggling to reconstruct her own life after the

loss of her husband, she recognizes his unusual request as a

subconscious cry for help and embarks on a relentless effort to guide

the reluctant stranger in uncovering the trauma that has permanently

altered the course of his existence. Playing a deck of cards stacked

high against her and rushing against time, she has no other option

but to intervene, pushing the ethical boundaries of the doctor-client

relationship and refusing to give up.

An astonishing, vibrant story of human strength and frailty, of love

lost and love found, the Stories Untold saga

will captivate as few stories ever do, with unexpected twists and

turns, leaving a lasting memory ingrained into the essence of the

reader’s being. 


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What Readers Say About Leslie Wolfe 

— “Leslie Wolfe has the talent that is comparable to the likes of a

Tom Clancy or a Michael Crichton, or even James Patterson.” –

Dennis Waller 

— “Wolfe keeps readers turning the pages…” – Kirkus Reviews 

— “Leslie Wolfe knows how to blend advanced technological data with

powerfully written human behavior responses and the result is a novel

that few will want to put down once the story begins.” — Grady


— “Verdict: A phenomenal novel that will keep you on the edge of

your seat. I highly recommend it!” — KWNY Publicity 

Readers and Critics Talking About Leslie Wolfe Novels

–“Leslie Wolfe is now very much on my list of MUST READ AUTHORS and

I can’t wait for the next book to be released” 

–“Characters you really can bond with and want to read more about.

Too real and plausible not to keep you reading far too long after bed


–“Now this was a real smoker, really kept it moving, very well

written. Guess I better find out if my wife is talking to me.” 

–“Leslie Wolfe just gets better and better.” 

–“This story has one of the best plots I’ve read in a long


–“From the beginning to the last page her novel manages to keep

reader’s attention, delivering intrigue, thrill and suspense.” 

–“An impressive amount of suspense throughout.” 

–“As soon as I picked it up, I couldn’t put it down! Full of

suspense and keeps you at the edge of your seat. I loved it!” 

–“As a long-time fan of Tom Clancy’s early works and Dan Brown’s

techno-thrillers, it makes me proud to see a woman stepping so

confidently into this male-dominated arena. Well done, Leslie.” 

Bestselling author Leslie Wolfe is passionate about writing fiction, despite

spending a significant number of years climbing the corporate ladder.

Leaving the coveted world of boardrooms for the blissful peace of the

Florida-based “Wolves’ den,” Leslie answers one true

calling: writing.

Leslie’s novels break the mold of traditional thrillers. Fascinated by

technology and psychology, Leslie brings extensive background and

research in these fields that empower and add texture to a signature,

multi-dimensional, engaging writing style.

Leslie released the first novel, Executive,

in October 2011. It was very well received, including inquiries from

Hollywood. Since then, Leslie published numerous novels and enjoyed

growing success and recognition in the marketplace. Among Leslie’s

most notable works, The Watson Girl

(2017) was recognized for offering a unique insight into the mind of

a serial killer and a rarely seen first person account of his

actions, in a dramatic and intense procedural thriller.

A complete list of Leslie’s titles is available at

Leslie enjoys engaging with readers every day and would love to hear from


Become an insider: gain early access to previews of Leslie’s new novels: 

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