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26815320_2097141960517383_3872466402562361206_nAuthor: Linny Lawless
Genre: MC Romance
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When I stake my claim on Sam, she drugs me, steals my money and runs off like a frightened rabbit on a rainy night at Bike Week. I was determined to find her again, and when I do she’s with Sid and the Hell Hounds MC. She’s the Real I never knew I needed. I don’t give a damn what she’s done to survive. I will protect what’s mine and keep her safe from the Hell she escaped from.

I was property of the Hell Hounds MC. Used, violated, abused. I knew I would be as good as dead if I didn’t escape Sid and the club. So I ran and tried to blend in with rowdy crowds at Bike Week. But then the huge scruffy biker who called himself Ratchet of the Chaos Kings MC claimed me as his, I ran from him. I dreaded and hoped I would see him again. He showed me kindness with his touch that took my breath away and made my body tingle.

Linny Lawless grew up in Northern VA, right outside Washington DC. Over 20 years have been spent on her professional career in sales operation, and 13 years as a biker chick. She has been riding Harleys with her husband for those 13 years. She loves the freedom, wildness, and rebellion of the biker world. Living the biker life is tribal, and primal at times.

Linny has also been a bookworm ever since she was a young teen. She reads all genres, but the one she loves the most is Romance! Recently a story and characters began to talk to her. Scruffy, sexy alpha bikers who belong to a tribe, their club, and the women they fall in love with. They live in a world full of chaos, not unlike reality. But within that world of chaos, they live their lives the best way they can and discover true love.
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Rule No. 1: Do not enter the game unless you intend to finish. Once accepted, there is no escape.
This is a love story, one that comes with rules, expectations, and dark shadows. One where the man who challenges me the most is cloaked in deception. I had no choice but to accept the terms, nowhere to run once the clock started ticking.
Donovan Stone was a man few people dared to cross.
He was dark.
He was dominating.
He was so silent that you had to watch him closely to begin to know what he was thinking.
He was my boss, and the man I should have run from the minute I walked into his corporate office.
Like any bad decision, it took time for me to see the truth about the game I’d entered, for me to understand that it wasn’t the stalker in the shadows I should fear, but the man who pulled the strings.
I had no choice.
At least, that’s the lie I told myself to forgive my foolish actions.
And while running as fast as I could through twisted mazes and deceitful games, I understood that the Rules of Engagement were now my life.

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26814686_1567050060040221_6824339089505525694_n22How about an often overlooked book of mine? Isabella (the full story) has obtained a new 5* review that I think I should share with you.

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I held off buying this book. I thought it was too short, I usually like books that are longer. I am so damn glad I did buy it, the book tells of Isabella’s journey through finding a man over the internet, how he fulfils her needs and arousal. It was well written and still had Cole Browning’s style of writing that I love so much. It is a great book that can be read in a day but still leaves you wanting more. This book may be overlooked by many but it is well worth the purchase.

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Two broken people don’t make a whole. But together, they might have a chance at redemption.

Regina O’Shea is used to being tested. As a talented salesperson and strong-willed woman in a male-dominated industry, she has to be prepared for whatever they throw at her. But losing her lover to her good friend and client is the one thing she never expected—and her walls start coming down. The pain cuts her deep. And when everything starts falling apart, she feels like a spectacle, while everyone around watches her crumble.

Beck Gallagher is a master of pain. A painter and tattoo artist, he makes his living memorializing the heartache of others. Beck has his own deep-rooted agony to deal with. But when he meets a broken young woman, the pain he lives with takes on a whole new meaning, and might be the one thing to save Regina from her own, or send her spiraling over the edge.

*This book has mature content and adult language*

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26904073_1144651922304693_3493597711686294992_nHe caught his breath as he blinked a couple of times to clear his vision. The formal studio portrait had done her no justice. This lovely vision that was walking towards him almost knocked Akshay off his feet. She was too busy chatting and laughing with her friends to notice him. Luxuriant dark brown hair hung to her waist. Her eyes were large and expressive, framed by long lashes. He could not miss the luscious lips as she pouted at someone’s comment. It was not just the boys who were listening raptly to her words.

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26239633_1634129459979159_15228647688135311_nChantel was in love with Justin, and wanted to be with him, but she knew that her friendship with Stacy would come to an end for that to happen. The two have been friends for too long, and would never allow a dude to come between them. Chantel knew Justin was the only guy Stacy ever cared for. But she also felt like Stacy shouldn’t have put her in a position that caused Chantel to catch feelings for Justin.
Six weeks after Stacy had started dating Justin, Stacy used Chantel to see would Justin would cheat on her. Chantel enticed Justin, and found out that Justin would indeed cheat on Stacy. Chantel lied to Stacy when she told her Justin wouldn’t cheat on her, and days later, Chantel and Justin started having sex regularly, behind Stacy’s back. Justin liked Chantel just as much as he liked Stacy. Chantel was more his type, open minded, was more sexually active than Stacy was. Justin found Stacy to be entirely too spoiled at times, and bossy. She didn’t think sex plays a major role in a relationship. Chantel was different, she always put other people’s wants and needs, ahead of her own. Justin knew breaking up with Stacy for Chantel would cause a lot of problems with Stacy’s uncle Rock, whom he respected like a father. Revealing his relationship with Chantel, would be suicide for Justin. There were times when he loved Stacy’s company, while other times, Justin wondered why he even dealt with her in the first place. Chantel made feel like a man was supposed to feel in a relationship, things seem to flow naturally when they were together.
Justin rolled Chantel off of him, she snuggled close, and told Justin she loved him. Chantel wasn’t expecting to hear him say it back, she just wanted to remind Justin that he was loved by her.
“So, what you get your boo for her birthday?” Chantel came out, and asked.
“Today’s not your birthday,” he said, smiling.
Chantel hit him in the chest, and said, “stop playing. I’m talking about Stacy,” she added.
“I’ll just let her show you later,” smiled Justin.
“Fine, are you coming to the concert?”
“I don’t know, I got something to do.”
“You know Stacy is gonna be pissed if you don’t show up,” Chantel said, while rubbing his stomach.
“I don’t give a shit, I gotta go get this money.”
With that, Justin slapped Chantel on her ass, and told her a lie about needing to take his cousin, Red, on an errand. Chantel walked to the bathroom to freshen up, and put on her clothes. She needed to go get her hair done for the concert later. Justin walked her out to her car, and agreed to catch up with each other later.
“And your ass better not be all up in another nigga’s face at that concert,” Justin threatened.
“Why not? It’s not like I have a man who can tell me shit,” Chantel replied, with a big smile.
“I thought I was your man,” Justin teased.
“You are, your ass better not let Stacy hear you say that shit.”
Chantel kissed him on the lips, and said, “I’m gonna be good, baby, I promise.”
“You better be, don’t get fucked up.”
Justin kissed her one last time, before Chantel got into her car, and drove away.

Justin went back into the house, and called out Red’s name. They needed to go over their plan for tonight’s heist. Red met him in the living room.
“Damn, cuz, that’s a bad ass bitch you had up in here,” Red commented.
“I know it, homie. Hopefully, when we finish with this lick tonight, you’ll get a chance to meet my main bitch,” Justin bragged.
“Damn, you got another bitch, badder than her?” Red asked, in disbelief.
Justin smiled, and said “I’mma show you how I get down, nigga. Now let’s get this shit right, so there won’t be any fuck ups.”


Deep in her thoughts, and still trying to watch the movie, Karen let out a yawn, and decided to call it a night. She knew Stacy was out celebrating her birthday, and probably wouldn’t be home until the morning. Karen turned the TV off, and prepared for the happier times of her family’s memories to rock her to sleep. Forty-five minutes later, Karen still wasn’t asleep, she heard the sound of broken glass. She knew it wasn’t Stacy, whoever it was, was in for a real big surprise. Karen quickly jumped out of bed, running fast to her walk- in closet. She found the shoebox that held one of her husband’s many guns. With a chrome 9mm firmly in her hand, she turned the closet light off, and secured herself under her king-sized bed, waiting for the intruder, or intruders, to appear in the dim doorway.

Karen laid there on the floor, nervously, with the gun pointed at the door. Moments later, she heard whispers getting closer to her bedroom door. Suddenly, she saw a figure appear in the doorway. Karen fired the gun three times, hitting the first intruder three times in the stomach. He fell instantly.

“Oh, shit!” The second intruder yelled, and fired his weapon, but didn’t hit Karen. She fired again, knowing she needed to hit her target, or risk running out of bullets, and getting shot. Karen knew she had missed, when the second intruder fired again. The intruder looked down at his dying partner, and decided it was best for him to leave, in case one of the neighbors called the police. Karen heard footsteps running down the stairs, then heard her front door open. Intruder number two, took the quickest escape route, running away into the night. Karen then crawled from under her bed, and stood over the first intruder, gasping for air. She pointed her gun at his head. She looked at the masked man, and fired her final two shots in his head, bringing an end to his struggle. Satisfied, she called the police, and thanked God for his protection.

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Joe Jeffries leaves his wife and job in America to chase prostitutes in Thailand. It’s a midlife crisis and it’s going to have consequences.
This book is about Thailand but also about life. It’s the kind of book that might have happened if Charles Bukowski had taken a trip to Thailand. It’s available on most book sites and in print

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Denise Reynolds’s tightly controlled life is thrown off kilter when she’s given custody of her young cousins. There are days she has a hard enough time getting herself out of bed, never mind two precocious kids.

If that wasn’t enough, Chris Nolton comes strolling back into town as suddenly as he left it. She’d broken her own rules and given him a chance once before, only to have him ghost on her. But he’s not there for her this time. No, he’s leading the FBI Task Force intent on capturing the kids’ biological father. A man who was sent to prison for manslaughter. A man who was released five years too early. A man who wants his kids back.

The past has a way of repeating itself and once again, Denise finds herself defending the innocent against the evil of world. One wrong decision, one second guess, could have devastating consequences. To protect the most important people in her life, she’ll need to trust the one man with the power to break her.

To Jamie.

26804475_1671422369583249_6758571103433892698_nI wrote this story for you. The story of a little boy a long time ago. I never realised how big his voice really was, or even what he meant to me. Maybe I don’t always say it. Maybe I don’t always feel it. I’m glad that you are part of my life. Without your strength and courage, perhaps this story would not be possible. I owe the words to you.

Thank you.

~ I go in my room and sit down. I don’t talk to Mr. Ted. I don’t want to. He knows I am bad and stupid. I don’t get any nice things. My mum and dad don’t like me. I am too bad inside. Maybe they wish I could go away too. I hear my mum and dad downstairs. They laugh about things. There is a secret part on the stairs. I open my door quiet and sneak out. I lie on the floor and slide like a worm. Then I get to the top and I can see in the lounge. It is like a spy hole. Me and Mr. Ted hide there sometimes and we watch lots of things. My mum doesn’t ever catch me ~

This journey has been an odd one; I didn’t even know I was on it. Dear Teddy was born out of a conversation with my therapist at the time, a way for the child to speak after so many years of silence and being locked away in the dark. Once I gave him a pen and told him it was okay for him to talk, he didn’t stop. He had so much to say, and he did.

Anyone reading the Dear Teddy stories, please sit, listen and hold Jamie’s hand as he talks. If you were a childhood superhero like Jamie was, then know you are not alone.

Amazon Links:

Dear Teddy (Book 1)
US – http://amzn.to/2dWPEOA
UK – http://amzn.to/2dWRxdV

Telling Teddy (Book 2)
US – http://amzn.to/2e1NImX
UK – http://amzn.to/2dWQXwK

Stupid Boy (Book 3)
US – http://amzn.to/2dcOUm2
UK – http://amzn.to/2e83VX3

Goodbye Teddy (Book 4)
US – http://amzn.to/2dkZAC6
UK – http://amzn.to/2e83JH7

Dear Mr. Ted (Boxset 1-4)
US – http://amzn.to/2d7NCh3
UK – http://amzn.to/2e83nAu

Dark Ramblings of the Phoenix
US – http://amzn.to/2e82B6m
UK – http://amzn.to/2e83qfp

If I Were to Die Today
US – http://amzn.to/2e82don
UK – http://amzn.to/2e83Tye