Chasing Secrets Book One, Clear Creek, Colorado Series A contemporary romance by Mia Jones

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Isabel (Bella) Stanford finally found the courage to leave a family she’d never felt a part of and make her own roots and family in a quiet place of her choosing. She found the town and family she’d been looking for with two friends she’d met and connected with right away. When she met Simon, she thought he might be a man she’d enjoy having in her life until one circumstance after another kept them apart and a secret brought them together again.
Simon Hawthorn had been through hell and back and never wanted to relive the experience again. He had worked hard to get back what he’d lost and then one look at Bella, and his life changed, and he’d become obsessed with her from the start. Even though what he felt for Bella was so much stronger than anything he’d ever felt before, fear kept him from giving into his feelings for her. But fear wasn’t enough to keep him away for good…

Author Mia Jones
Erin Lee Author

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The Pass Through
By Gloria Herrmann
Maybe a wild ride in a shiny black Mustang convertible, and some mother-daughter bonding is exactly what Dr. Kathryn Bailey needs, when she agrees to a road trip with her mother. Escaping the aftermath of a nasty breakup, and seeking to heal her broken heart, Kathryn has no idea what awaits her in the forested mountains of Elk Horn, WA.

While traveling back to her favorite childhood destination, a run-in with the sexy town sheriff sets Kathryn on an unexpected course; one that may very well change her life, especially after becoming witness to something only spoken of in the hushed voices of local legend.

When a horrific event rocks the sleepy, rural town, only days after her arrival, Kathryn is immediately drawn into a mystical world of sacred legend and folklore. Suddenly, she must question not only her eyes, but her beliefs.

As she comes to terms with these newfound experiences, will she come to know that with love, believing isn’t always seeing? :
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Hollywood’s newest star, 21-year-old J. Alex Cook never wanted to be famous, he just wanted to get out of Indiana.

When he hooks up with Paul, a writer on a hit TV show, Alex is thrown into a web of relationships involving friends, lovers, and everything in between.

Forced to figure out what it means to live — and love — in the public eye, Alex’s quest to find his own happily ever after will make you believe love is possible… even in Los Angeles.

Please be aware, this is a high-heat, high-angst romance and includes characters with a past history of self-harm.

S. L. Carpenter (Scott Carpenter) Desires Of The Flesh (Book 1 of The Dark Lord Series)

Desires Of The Soul (Book 2 of The Dark Lord Series)
Desires Of The Heart (Book 3 of The Dark Lord Series) DUE OUT END OF OCTOBER!!!!!
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Imagine being with someone who knows your deepest and darkest desires—the ones you won’t even admit to yourself. Then imagine that he is a being who exists to satisfy those desires. And he can do so with nobody being any the wiser. Except you.
He’ll change your life, take you down a new road, and show you things about yourself you could never have imagined.
Intrigued? You should be. All you have to do to summon him is find his medallion and let your desires cry out for release…
if you dare… – Desires Of The Soul
He’s back! But this time he has a mission, one he cannot ignore. There are women who will summon him and he will answer their call. But to accomplish his task must seek the darkest of dark moments and bring the light of hope back into a lost soul. Only then will he be able to set aside the burdens he carries deep in his heart. Will you take this journey with him? Do you dare?

☄️.✫¸.•°*”˜˜”*°•.✫☄️˚ • *☄️ ˚˚✰˚ ˛★* ☄️° 。✫¸.•°*☄️ .☄️.Eden Bradley – The Training House Box Set

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Pleasure in pain…pain in love…
They come to the Training House to become immersed in the most powerful and extreme form of submission: absolute slavehood. It is only in this formal environment, and under the strict rules of their slave contracts, that their immense yearnings can be satisfied. Or can they?
Aimée arrives with a pure slave’s heart, never expecting to find more than the fulfillment of a frightening and necessary sexual journey. Christopher has returned, as he always does. The baddest of bad slaves, he never truly expects to find anything beyond a temporary release. And then there’s the Master… Master Damon owns the Training House. His is a life of carefully followed rules, the extremes of deviant and sensual creativity, and the heavy weight of responsibility. The Training House is a dreamworld where needs are denied and met at a Master’s whims. But what happens when these rigid roles become fluid, and love is suddenly part of the game? Anyone could win—or everyone could lose it all


End Goal by Amy Daws was originally published in the Cocktales Anthology. If you missed your chance to get it, you can read Amy’s contribution by one-clicking now! You CAN read it as a standalone, but personally, I recommend reading Challenge, book 1 in the Harris Brothers Series first.


A Harris brother Scottish wedding!

Only professional footballer Camden Harris is cocky enough to elope to Scotland with his fiancee and leave the Harris family behind.

Hell’s Calling is one of the books available to read in the Realms & Rebels boxset available now, and Skye MacKinnon and Bea Paige are really looking forward to sharing their version of Dante’s Inferno with you all!

Can’t wait for you to meet Ciera, Maro, Plutus and Ceb! Here’s a little teaser 😉


She never meant to sell her soul… least of all to Lucifer.

The devil has taken her sister. Now she’s going to bring her back.

Luckily, she’s not alone:

An angel with a dark past.

A wolf with anger issues.

A hellhound who’s actually quite cuddly.

Yes, this is a journey into hell. Grab your tissues and snacks for this will be a rollercoaster into darkness.

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Desperate Measures (An Aspen Falls Novel) by Melissa Pearl – Author & Anna Cruise

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Growing up on the tough streets of the city taught Cam a few things, especially about love. Don’t listen to your heart, because it will always let you down. Listen to your head instead.

She’s lived by that motto as a detective with the Aspen Falls police department. Cool-headed and calm, she’s solved plenty of cases through sheer grit and determination. But when Alex, a ghost from her past, shows up in her home, her resolve falters. He’s clearly on the run and up to no good, but there’s just one problem. She loved him once…and her head can’t convince her heart that anything has changed. Especially when she realizes just how much trouble he’s in.

The last thing Alex wants to do is put Cam in danger. The woman he loved years ago, the woman he purposely left behind, deserves better. But fate has other plans. Injured and alone, he shows up on her doorstep, knowing exactly what he needs: a safe place to stay and a plan to get out from under the myriad of people who want him dead.

But he knows something else, too.

His feelings for Cam never changed. And showing up at her door could be the worst thing he’s ever done. Because, this time, he might lose her forever.

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You know how fairy tales start?
Once upon a time…blah, blah, blah.
Girl meets handsome prince…blah, blah, blah.
They kiss…blah, blah, blah.
Throw in an apple and she almost dies, he swoops in and saves her life. Then they live happily ever after?

My story is just like that, but with a few minor changes.

Goes like this: Girl sees family being murdered; girl runs for her life, then finds out she isn’t exactly who she thought she was because she’s been lied to. Oh yeah, as it turns out, she’s also in quite a bit of danger, with a lovely bounty over her head.

With one man ordered to “watch me,” and another one who promised to protect me, who exactly am I supposed to trust, when I’m just finding out who I really am?

Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Scarlett.