Crazy Love by Rachael Tamayo She’s his everything, his heart, his love and his future bride. But they’ve never met.

Noah is teetering on the edge of sanity. His sick obsession for the beautiful stranger pushing him further and further to the brink of madness.

His Emily. He greets her daily at the pharmacy where she works just to catch a moment with her.

He’s a harmless guy, right? It’s just a crush, surely.

But then things start to get scary. By the time Emily realizes the depth of Noah’s obsession for her, it may be too late.

“Brilliant from beginning to end. If you read one book this year, read this one.”—Picky Bitches Book Blog

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🌟 Top 100 in New Adult Romance 🌟 Top 100 in Contemporary Romance Imagine watching the woman you love live out her dream love story… without you….

Imagine watching her slip away only because you slip away.

Imagine it being years later and you come home to find her waiting for you.

Imagine her being hurt in a way you never thought possible.

Imagine finally having your chance with the woman you love…

… only to have to break her heart…

… because it’s too late.

“Imagine Us lives up to every expectation I have for books written by Jaxson Kidman. He weaves his way into a story that is not only relatable but interesting as well. I’ve honestly had a hard time putting this one down. I didn’t want it to end.

It’s the kind of story you want to read slowly. So slow that you can savor it. Like a fine wine. Even after I read that last line, I didn’t want it to end.” ★★★★★ REVIEW

“Once again Mr. Kidman has written a book the bleeds emotion and pierces your heart. Missed opportunities, a life-long love, pain, and heartache make this a can’t put down, must read book that will leave you wanting more.” ★★★★★ REVIEW

“This book is 100% relatable. You will find yourself comparing your story to theirs. It’s a rollercoaster ride of emotions that you feel at every turn. The way this book is written feels like it’s your life. This is one book that you must one click. Absolutely amazing. Jaxson never disappoints!” ★★★★★ REVIEW




Jaxson Kidman

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You, Me, and the Memories – A Club Stigmata Novella
Release Date: April 26, 2019
Author: Elle Luckett
Cover Design: LJDesigns
Promotions: Bare Naked Words

We are excited to unveil the cover for You, Me, and the Memories, the first novella in a series of standalone novellas taking place in the same universe as The Favor.

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The Favor – a standalone novel by Elle Luckett is available to read here ➞

Rule number one: keep your past in the past, your heart locked away, but never say no to a little fun.

That’s what Kamryn Galvez lives by when she takes on her new role at the infamous Club Stigmata.

Her life is going to plan until she meets the Dominant of her dreams; an intense cowboy with country charm, smooth hands, and rules of his own he expects his subs to adhere to. Tristan McMillan isn’t like the rest of them, and despite thinking she has it all under control, Kamryn soon realizes she’s playing a dangerous game. One that doesn’t give a damn about her rules.

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❤💕 NEW RELEASE 💕❤ Broken Heart (The Broken Heart Series) By ~ Author Angel Rose

💕 Excerpt…

Michael Hunter
Why did she have to step into that elevator that morning?

More importantly, why did I care?

In New York City, women are a dime a dozen. They’re good for one thing and they can do it on their backs or on their knees.

I’m one of New York City’s top criminal defense lawyers. Compared to keeping the guilty out of prison, talking a woman out of her dress is a piece of cake. I knew the secret, my father taught me well. Use them for your pleasure and let them go before attachment sets in. They always want more.

She refused to make it simple. I loved a challenge, but not this one. She was different.

The word relationship wasn’t even part of my vocabulary.
Love was someone else’s four-letter word.

So how the hell did she make me care? How did she become the only thing that I desired? I knew my touch was poison and I didn’t want to hurt her but, I couldn’t stay away.

I had a past that threatened to resurface if I wasn’t careful.
A past that could destroy me.

How can I run away from my past? How can I protect her from all that is evil?

She doesn’t know what I’ve done. But now she’s involved, and I must protect her from the one person that will destroy her…me.

Angel Rose

💋🇮🇹 The 3rd installment in my Windy City Nights series is live! 🎉🎈

He knew he didn’t deserve her, didn’t fit in her world. But the moment he laid eyes on her, he knew she was his.

When Hannah and Rocco meet, their chemistry is undeniable, and sparks fly.

Hannah believes she doesn’t have a chance with the sexy Italian Marine, but is captivated by his seductive charm. Rocco knows Hannah is way out of his league, but is spellbound by the dark-haired temptress. He’s determined to have her at all costs.

Can they build a real future together or will pressure from Hannah’s well-to-do family tear them apart?


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▼ THE FOREVER SERIES IS ON KU! ▼ Start the series with Serenity!

“Shredded – Shattered – and Glued back together ❤️only to be Tossed back into the Darkness 💔” – Joyffree, Amazon Fantasy Top Contributor

I wish heroes didn’t only exist in fairy tales.

The closest I have to the myth is Skyler, my best friend. Maybe it’s selfish, but I’m so grateful not to be alone in my life, or in our high school parking lot when the bullying begins. Every morning, standing by my side is my best friend.

Sky and I are… different. Or, at least, that is how it feels. So, we hold each other near and keep everyone else at bay. The only two people who can see through our defense are the Wise Ones. They love us unconditionally and do their best to shelter us, but they’re high schoolers themselves. How can I break their hearts and tell them they are… failing?

My name is Serenity. And I am a girl with secrets.

When I meet Dereck and instantly have visions of past lives with him, I have to think that maybe heroes really do exist.

But can I trust the light he brings? Or will his brightness only lead me further into the dark?

AUTHOR’S NOTE: In this metaphysical novel, there is abuse and there is loss, but most of all there is strength, hope, and a love so strong that one lifetime isn’t enough.

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´*•.¸(*•.¸♥¸.•*´)¸.•*´ ¸COMING SOON¸ .¸.•*(¸.•*´♥`*•.¸)`*•. The Xavier Harrington Files By Xavier Harrington

Dustin’s Final Project
Acting on raw impulse, Codi grabbed Dustin and started making out with him. It took Clara a second to register what was happening in front of her as she said cleared her throat in objection.
“Guys, we still have a project to do,” said Clara as a way to refocus things.
Codi pulled away from Dustin and directed a sharp glare at her subordinate, “You do know that I technically outrank you. Zip it.”
“Uhh, Codi, what you’re doing is technically sexual harassment.”
“Go ahead and report me.

I know how you’ve always felt about Dustin. Not like you haven’t wanted a piece of him,” she retaliated, revealing Clara’s taboo fantasy.

Dustin reacted with some surprise, but with confidence, “I did just give Dominic my notice, and this might be the last time we’re all in the same room alone together.”

Being a defiant superior, Codi asked, “I’m curious, Clara, how come you chose to wear an associate t-shirt when you knew he’d be working today?”

“Because, Codi, some of us are trying to achieve higher level positions,” replied a snarky Clara in competition.
Dustin had to interject, “Ladies, I get it, you’re both hot for me. You’re both been talking about some dock project since I walked in the door. Let’s make better use of our time, ‘eh?”

Raven Canely
Xavier Harrington