Dark. Dominate. Possessive. Meet the men of The Captive to the Dark series and experience the darker side of romance.

WARNING: These books contain graphic violence, disturbing situations, dubious consent, and strong language. Each story is a stand alone and does not need to be read in any particular order.

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“Mary might not be my captive anymore, but she’d always be mine. I’d take her any damn way I wanted, and anywhere I pleased. There was nothing she or anyone else could do about it. I owned her.” ~ Slade: Captive to the Dark.

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What do you do when your whole life is a lie? Go to college…

By: AJ Macey

I just found out that I’m a supernatural and now I’m attending Redwood Supernatural University. With its magic and mix of beings from myth and legend, I’m definitely not in the human world anymore.

But not everything is picture perfect. I have the Bitch Crew that are determined to get rid of me, a guy that’s hell-bent on teaching me a lesson, and my past haunting me in my dreams.

It’s not all bad though; I have my quirky roommate Sadie and six guys who seem intent on keeping me around.

I got this…hopefully.

The Best Wishes Series is a seven book WhyChoose/Reverse Harem saga featuring MMFMMMM meaning there is M/M content, and the female main character doesn’t have to choose between her love interests. Please note: while the romance is medium burn, the world and magic building will follow a slower pace due to the series’ setting in the human world.

This series contains references involving PTSD, sexual assault recollections, domestic violence, and other themes that some readers may find triggering.

Start the series here:

Smoke & Wishes
(Best Wishes Series: Book 1)

Smoke & Survival
(Best Wishes Series: Book 2)

Smoke and Mistletoe
(Best Wishes: Book 3)

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♣¤═══¤۩۞۩ஜஜ۩۞۩¤═══¤♣ NOW ON KINDLE UNLIMITED 🔥The Xavier Harrington Files🔥

By Xavier Harrington

The Xavier Harrington Files brings you ten, carefully-selected stories, that include his first-ever story. The book serves as an introduction to his unique stories and characters.

Story lines you’ll encounter include:

An erotic take on a classic song with a dramatic encounter with police in the middle.

A college graduate at the top of his class who faces death threats after successfully fighting for change at his school.

Following a divorce from a unsatisfying marriage, a long-term friend finally has the chance to confess feelings for a long-time friend.

An overly-horny couple takes a flight that results in a short layover, which compels them to leave their mark each step of the way.

When an over-entitled customer gets whiny over a discount at Starbucks, a generous customer alleviates the crowd with free drinks and empowers the fantasies of the manager in charge.

An introverted and shy patient of a mega-million-dollar medical clinic attracts the new receptionist with an erotic massage before being seen by his new doctor.

A young couple who is separated by time zones finally have a chance to have a hot night over the phone while one of them struggles to find some privacy.

A young retail worker announces his enlistment in the Air Force, triggering the fantasies of one superior, while acting out his desires on another.

While struggling in his writing class, a young college student seeks the help of the writing center, who proves useless. When he emails his class in desperation, a lascivious classmate answers the call, both to help with women, and to empower him with confidence.

After a long day at work, a businesswoman comes home to discover a scene of pampering at the hands of her husband. As the scene winds down, she hears from an acquaintance who shows interest in spicing up their night.


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Xavier Harrington

Could his worst nightmare turn out to be his dream come true? Say it isn’t so! Accidents Make the Heart Grow Fonder – the pursuit of happiness with a sexy, feminine twist. Read it today.

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Perfect Moments: A collection of Short Stories SharonJohnson

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Perfect Moments is a collection of short stories like nothing else you’ve ever read. From the first moment until the last, you’ll be smiling, laughing, crying and cheering. But most of all, you’ll be thrilled you took the time to read each one.
Everyday life can be stressful and very chaotic. But every once in a while, there’s a moment that comes along and makes us smile. That’s what I like to call a perfect moment.
A reunion you never expected. The best friend who becomes so much more. A second chance at love. An unexpected baby you never thought you could have and a call that will change everything. Each moment in this book, has a twist you’ll never see coming, but by the time the story is over, you’ll believe that perfect moments are possible too.

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🔪☆ ҉‿➹⁀☆ ҉ NEW RELEASE ҉☆⁀➷‿҉☆✯🔥 The Greeting One Man’s Journey to Hell

By: R. J. Rush
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Imagine that you have spent your entire life living a life of crime. You have lied, cheated and murdered innocent people. You are a narcissist who feels no remorse or guilt. Then you die and it is time for your final judgement with none other than Satan himself. What happens in Hell stays in Hell for all eternity. You are processed until you reach the end of the road. It is in that moment you realize you are out of second chances and there is no turning back. Satan does not do bargains, no matter how much he loved all the havoc you caused so many victims on Earth. Even when he is about to be sentenced, the man takes no responsibility for the victims or all those left behind. The end will leave you feeling that justice was finally served as you smile.