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Grayson Falls

Model: Nathan Hainline
Cover Design: Francessca Wingfield Francessca’s PR & Designs
Publisher: Fiery Vision Publishing

Purchase Link: mybook.to/GraysonFallsFVP

The last thing Darcy Quinn expected when she stumbled upon Grayson Falls, was a town built from supernatural legacy, with mystical powers, that had become home to all things paranormal.
On the run from her past, she discovers more than she’d bargained for when drop dead gorgeous Grayson rescues her and takes her into his home. As secrets are revealed, fate intervenes and legends of the past are brought to life, and Darcy’s purpose becomes evident.
Grayson Ashford is more than just the town Sheriff. He is not only responsible for the future of Grayson Falls, he also has a prophecy to fulfil. Regardless of how resistant he is to his fate, he cannot help but give his life, and his heart up to destiny when Darcy comes into his life.
In a town where magic lives, the impossible is possible, and creatures of your wildest imagination roam free – two hearts and souls collide, drawn together by the inevitable, to discover a love worth dying for.
Welcome to Grayson Falls…

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Five years ago, I was a vibrant, outgoing college girl with the world in the palm of my hand. Until one night, when people I trusted turned on me, leaving me bloody and broken.

I wasn’t safe.

So my mother sent me to Clara, an old family friend and my saving grace.

With her magic teas and clairvoyance, she revealed the evil still lurking in the shadows ready to strike. So she did something unheard of—she changed my destiny.

Enter Levi Martinez with his beautiful blue eyes and gruff exterior.

He was gorgeous.

He was intense.

And he would be the one to save me.

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Six hot pilots are ready and waiting for you to take off with them! Pack your bags and get to the airport! It’s time to join the mile high club with a brand new romance series starting this Christmas!

Caroline loves Christmas because it’s the one time of year that she’s guaranteed to have all her kids together under one roof. They’d been coming to their winter cabin in Switzerland ever since her first born arrived, and it became a tradition the whole family clung to. This year everything changes when tension snow piles from her middle son bringing his first serious girlfriend along and all of her other children expressing their individuality in ways she isn’t prepared for.

Harvey doesn’t do days off, he’s not the vacation type, but it’s been a tough year as owner of Parker Airlines. He is so ready to spend some quality time with his wife. Much as he’d never admit it, his relationship with aviation came before his marriage one too many times this year. He is determined to make this Christmas all about his family, yet Mother Nature has a different plan and disaster strikes.

Can the Parker family weather the storm?

Grab this festive, must read if you love heartwarming Christmas stories with a sprinkling of sexy.

Cockpit Series Website: https://cockpitseries.wordpress.com/

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★ Blurb ★

Her past is plagued with darkness…
He’s determined to make her future brighter.


My life was once a nightmare.
Because of my past, the walls I’ve constructed are mighty.
But those walls begin to waver the day I meet him…
Chase Jacobs, star quarterback, and the cutest boy I’ve ever seen.

With his easy smile and sweet words, he’s perfect.
Problem is, I’m not.
My scarred soul is corrupted, my battered heart tainted.
And my secrets? They have the power to destroy me.

Plagued with demons, I fight to keep Chase at a distance.
But he’s not having it.
Determined to steal my heart, he fights to make me fall.
It’s a mistake.

You see, the thing about secrets is that they don’t stay hidden forever,
and whether I’m ready or not, mine are about to be revealed.
Once they are, will Chase then walk away for good?
Or will the love we share truly conquer all?


Onyx will deal with the results of making a wish in the Silver Springs magic spring.

Stone Hill High this year will offer a modern rendition of a timeless classic: A Christmas Carol.
Onyx is cast for the main role of a female Scrooge.

Title of the play: Her Bah Humbug, which is very fitting since our Onyx despises Christmas with all her heart.
What happens when three sexy high school senio… ehm ghosts will try to show her the error of her ways?
Will the magic pumpkin spice latte drank by the three hotties set to co-star in the high school Christmas play make them fall for her?

Is love caused by the wish at the magic spring?
Did Julian (the Jewels Cafe owner) lend a helping hand?
It certainly seems suspicious that the three hot guys are suddenly all over Onyx when they’ve never really noticed her before.
Come to the play on Christmas Eve and see what happens.

Onyx is a standalone contemporary reverse harem novella. It’s part of the Jewels Cafe shared universe.

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One witnessed murder can change your life forever. How it changes depends on you.

Darcy Ray Sosha Ann
Mafias Kiss (Lethal Beauty & Smoking Steel Book 1)

My life was full of one-night stands and dirty alleyways, but the moment I witnessed Dominik Romanov, Washington’s most powerful crime lord, commit murder, my life as I knew it was over.

After being tossed head first into a world of blood, drugs, and sex, I climbed the ranks until I proved my worth. I became the prodigy. I proved that I could handle the mafia life.

But then, three drool worthy hellions walk into my life. They are my boss’ nephews and to me, everything about them is perfect; their loud music, fierce loyalty, and cold-blooded lifestyles… But when is perfect ever a good thing?

The hierarchy of the Mafia is put to the test when a traitor exposes the underground to the light of day. Overnight a war is started and our hold on the throne is shaken.

With all the bedlam and bloodshed, will I be able to survive until the end? Or will the people gunning to take over territory win?

War is brutal, but the mafia is deadly.
This story is a #whychoose, which means there will be mfmmm & mfm.
Please be warned, there are possibly multiple triggers and this series is intended for mature audiences due to its sexual content and graphic language.

✫ Devils & Dust ✫ From bestselling author Catherine Wiltcher comes a NEW standalone mafia romance.

OFFICIAL RELEASE DATE: 5th November 2019

I rose from nothing to own this city.
A smooth-talking bastard with an empire of sin.
I have the connections to crush my enemies.
I have the looks to take what I want.
I was so used to winning that I never saw her sleight of hand.
Now I’m dancing with the devil, and she’s holding all the aces.

I jumped from my father’s penthouse to drown in this city.
Just another damaged princess hiding in plain sight.
They offered me freedom in exchange for his downfall.
Get close.
Uncover his secrets.
Destroy his empire from the inside out.
It seemed so easy…and when you’re as broken as I am, there’s nothing left to lose.
Except for my heart.

· Standalone
· Mafia alpha
· Sexy-as-sin

PRE-ORDER UK: https://amzn.to/2md1SdL
PRE-ORDER US/CA/AUS: https://amzn.to/2kbiJwD
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“It was witty, it was passionate, and most of all, it was all incredibly realistic. It was wonderfully written, and as I have said before, such a refreshing read. Dahlia Donovan did such an incredible job on it. Five stars! Amazing!” —Loren E., Amazon Reviewer

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