Warning: 18+ Audience only ~ Strong Language and Explicit Sexual Content

Gentlemen’s Agreementby Ethan Radcliff

Chad Henderson and Jon Lasiter were best friends. Their taste in women always caused a problem. They always went after the same woman. Cleo Davenport was older and sophisticated, with a bevy of men at her fingertips. She was a high-priced Madam and Domme. Chad rejected the lifestyle and Jon embraced it. Both wanted the beautiful older woman in their bed. Could they reach an agreement that would suit all their needs? 

***Mature Content 18 and over please***

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“The sheer thought of living a life as a werewolf would be in creditably impossible. I felt the Stanley Swanson embodiment of his life as one. S.K. Ballinger has definitely gripped me to the core as this authors’ detailed aftermath of what a werewolf family would go through. I can say it was a nail biting adventure from beginning to the very end.

Nothing like Twilight, or Interview of a Vampire Movie, just true grit, in your face action! I have never been as involved in a novel like this before as I hung onto every page like it was my last breath! I so enjoyed reading this novel and look forward to reading more if I muster up the courage as Stanley Swanson did in this book. Truly a made novel!”

By Marina O’Brix

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The Perfect 1 by Cory D Cyr



Jensyn Parrish was one of the world’s most gorgeous supermodels, dubbed the “Perfect 10” for most of her career. Thirteen years ago, a horrific car accident left her face disfigured. Suffering the loss of her beauty, career, and self-worth, she seeks a life of quiet seclusion in Hawaii.

Lincoln Bass, a New York best-selling author and adrenaline junkie, has no idea what he could possibly have in common with his brother’s friend Jensyn. After suddenly being impaired with blindness at only twenty-five, his life is forever altered. Independent, headstrong, and ever the daredevil, Lincoln is stricken with the certainty that if he wants to continue writing, he needs help.

Two people damaged by circumstances of fate…

Disguising who she once was becomes a difficult task for Jensyn. Her only job is to help Lincoln finish his book. But boundaries are somehow obscured and fiction becomes their reality.

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By James Lee Hard 

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Travel through James’ world with this anthology of 5 previously published short stories: The Groom, The Bride and The Best Man; The Rift Trilogy and David Undone. 60 thousand words of pure MM romance and erotica to keep you warm at night.
The Groom, The Bride and The Best Man: Scott loved Russell since they met in college, but know Russell is getting married. Will Scott have the courage to tell him the truth but ruin his friend’s marriage?
David Undone: After having his heart broken by his boyfriend, David buys a plane ticket and runs away from New York to the farthest place possible. He finds himself on the other side of the Atlantic, in a small country that’s as beautiful as it is frozen in time, attracted to a rugged hunk whose body looks like Michelangelo himself chiseled it. Is Manuel, the hunk, enough to make him forget about his heartbreak and insecurities? Can David let go of his past?
The Rift Trilogy
All those years acting as a tough straight guy are thrown away when Jason finds himself enjoying wet dreams about a chiseled, strong man who shows him how sinfully good sex between two men can be. A supernatural MM tale where Jason finds himself in the middle of a colossal battle between angels and demons, while fighting one of his own: coming to terms with his sexuality.
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*¨)☆❥¸.•*´¨)☆❥¸.•*´¨) ❥☆(¸.•´ ❥ ❤️ Six Toy By James Crow James Crow Author ❤️

ADVISORY: contains graphic depictions of kink, fetish and BDSM.

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Moving in with Jonathon Gold was a whole new wonderful life. It felt like I’d been plucked from another dimension and dropped into a carnal nirvana, with endless rabbit holes of exploration just waiting for me to tumble down them. And gladly I tumbled – until I wanted more.

I wanted to be Head Girl, to service clients, especially when The Judge made inquiries for a day with a plaything. I thought I was strong enough. I thought I was on top of this newfound promiscuous game, but I was wrong.

Jonathon Gold had demons in his closet. Thing is, Jonathon’s closet turned out to be real, and if I really wanted to nail my man, really wanted to learn the art of the submissive and face The Judge and his perverted kinks, I’d have to live it first, in that sordid little room, and become Jonathon’s toy for a day without a squeak of complaint.

Then I’d face The Judge.

Giving is receiving, so Jonathon tells me.

I’m pretty sure I can do that.



Emma Jane brings bubbly brightness to my world. She’s sexy, gorgeous, naïve and vulnerable, and her enthusiasm for her new life lifts me, really lifts me. I love her, my dirty girl, and I know in my heart it’s a love that will last forever, but right now she’s a rookie, an over-confident rookie.

The best way for rookies to learn is to be thrown in at the deep end, is it not? And it couldn’t get any deeper than The Judge – a man-mountain of depravity.

The last time he visited, he took charge of the closet for a day of filthy debauchery, but the door to that seedy little hole has been locked for almost two years.

Demons await me in that room, and demons either need to be purged or danced with, don’t they?

If Emma wants more, she has to earn it. And earn it she will when I unlock that door.


Emma Jane must learn the art of the true submissive before she can become Head Girl, but Jonathon has demons to struggle with as he takes her down the steamy path to subservient bliss.

Six Toy, by James Crow.

ADVISORY: contains graphic depictions of kink, fetish and BDSM.

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The Men of Steele Series – on sale now until May 4th
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** Winning Cait – Book One **
When Jackson walks into her studio it’s like the years and mistakes that separated them just slip away. Fate

has given them a second chance and he will use it to win her submission.
** Tempting Sophie – Book Two **
Ben says he’s willing to do whatever it takes to win back Sophie’s love, but what if it’s not enough. Ben and David will work together to prove to her that it is.
** Finding Dani – Book Three **
Sexy. Smart. Successful. Sayid should be happy but he doesn’t understand what that means until he sees her. Dani isn’t what he’s looking for but she’s just what this uptight doctor needs.


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BLEED: A Society Novella

Enter the world of Society. Mason Sabre gives you a paranormal world like never before. It’s sexy, it’s fast-paced and it won’t let you go.

Out Tuesday May 2nd

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Snippet: She sucked in her breath and closed her eyes, focusing on the deep breathing Raven was doing on the other end of the line to calm herself and give her mind a semblance of peace for a moment. He’d been running by the sounds of things. She pictured him in her head, out in the sunshine, running through the woods … finding her house … seeing what was in her bed … No. She made her mind stop. “Sorry. Everything good with you?” She angled herself so that she was facing the wall, and not her bed.
“Yeah. Listen. I know you worked last night, but we have a band on tonight, too. Nothing big, but Vet’s called in sick so I need to work the bar, which means I can’t watch the crowd.”
She pressed her hand against the wall, leaning on it for support. “Vet’s sick? How does that work?” Yvette was a vampire. She worked for Raven behind the bar; vampires don’t get sick. They’re either dead, or … undead. 
“I don’t know. Some emergency thing at home. Anyway. I am one down. I know it’s a big ask, but can you cover?”
“Sure,” she said without really thinking about it. 
“Well that was easy,” he said. “I was about to offer you double pay.”
“It’s fine, mate,” she said cutting him off. “I’ll come in. Usual time? Eight?”
“Yep. See you then.” 
She hung up before he could say goodbye, cutting herself off again from the outside world and leaving her alone in the room … with … Shit. She could hardly think the word for it, much less admit what it was. She was in so much trouble. She didn’t even know where to begin. 
What the hell had she done last night? 
Locking her phone, she let her arm hang by her side as she pivoted round, slowly. Maybe she had been seeing things. Maybe it was all just a mistake from her very hung-over mind. 
But no. 
Still there … still dead. 
A body. In her bed. Blood everywhere. Eyes open … a dead body. 
But not just anybody. Nope. That would be too easy.
Louise swallowed hard, trying to calm herself. Odd blond hair stood up from the head on the other pillow. Stood up like a damn sore thumb.

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Here Without You by Jennifer L. Allen, Author


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Anna Romano had the picture perfect life. As a brilliant high school student and talented artist with a supportive family, she couldn’t imagine her life being any better. Her days were spent fantasizing about finishing high school, and dreaming of a future with her loving boyfriend.

Ryan Jacobs had his life figured out. He was enlisting in the Navy, and his high school sweetheart was applying to art school. Just a few more months and the life they’d planned together would become a reality.

On a cold February day, tragedy struck and flipped Anna’s life upside down. The bright and colorful world she once lived in turned to gray. Retreating into herself, she pushed Ryan away. She pushed everyone away. Then she ran.

Ryan was lost without Anna, but truthfully, she had been gone long before she even left. He did the only thing he could do, he went on with his life. Years later, the last thing he expected was to bump into her more than two thousand miles from home.

Love, pain, distance, and secrets.

Would their challenges tear them apart?

Or was their love strong enough to mend them forever?

Here Without You is a standalone romance with a trigger warning. A mass shooting takes place in the prologue and is referenced periodically throughout the book.