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The last thing I expect when I move to my mother’s hometown is to run into the guy I’ve been dreaming about for years.


Not only have I seen him in my dreams long before meeting him in the flesh, but I run smack into his muscular chest in a bar. Then I puke on him.

Not one of my finer moments.

But things are getting messier. He shows up where I work and has no clue it was me. In fact, there are a lot of things he’s in the dark about.

Like how I’ve dreamed of him yet again, and how I’m terrified for his safety now. A madman has made our small town his new stomping ground, and I’m witness to all the gory details as they unfold like a horror movie every time I close my eyes.

But Aidan’s sexy-as-hell intuitive gaze won’t quit haunting me. He has secrets too, and I’m determined to uncover every last one. Together, we might just heal each other.

If fate and a serial killer don’t get to us first.

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Jessica Blake, the entertainment reporter for a small Vegas newspaper, is aching to sink her teeth into a juicy story and become a serious journalist. With her career and sex life at a stalemate, she takes matters into her own hands and decides to go undercover as a submissive, eager to learn about the BDSM lifestyle. Armed with her curiosity of kink and the confidence that the article’s salacious nature will get her noticed, she takes a meeting with a Dominant. Her cover is immediately blown by Adam Maxwell, a Vegas casino mogul, and swoon-worthy bachelor.

While Adam is initially furious by Jessica’s scheme, he is also intrigued. He makes her an offer, tempting Jessica to take a walk with him on the wild side—no strings attached. She will get her story, and he will get her, to do with as he pleases, for as long as he likes.

Reader Advisory: This twisty, new BDSM Romance from Rosemary Willhide is full of suspense, angst, humor and dark temptations. Jess and Adam’s story can be read as a stand-alone or part of the Vegas Edge series. M/F, BDSM, Full-Length Novel of 75,780 words

Author’s Note: TEMPTATION is told mostly from Jessica’s POV, but there are a few chapters from Adam’s POV to enhance the story and your reading pleasure.

Dark Alley.


Dark Alley: The Complete First Season (Dark Alley Seasons Book 1)

by D.S. Wrights Is Available For Preorder NOW !

Newly single and self-confident Alice has recently decided that she doesn’t need a man

to feel complete, if it wasn’t for the one activity where a man can come quite handy.

On a girl’s night out that was bound to be embarrassing and boring, since every girl of

her clique is a mommy or about to become one, Alice makes a lot of interesting

acquaintances and thanks to one of them she receives a mysterious invite to the “Dark


Too curious to heed her best friend’s warnings, Alice heads out to end up having, hot,

sizzling sex with a faceless stranger.

☆This bundle contains episodes 1 – 8 and an exclusive bonus scene “Dark Alley: Zero”.

♤♡Episodes of Season 1♡♤

#1 Dark Alley: Stranger

#2 Dark Alley: Club

#3 Dark Alley: Master

#4 Dark Alley: Need

#5 Dark Alley: Game

#6 Dark Alley: Stalker

#7 Dark Alley: Lust

#8 Dark Alley: Mistress


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The Crash Zone

The Crash Zone

MAX HUNTER has had a tough year. He suffers from survivor’s guilt after a car

accident killed his girlfriend, which now leads him to spend his evenings in bars and

between the sheets. After Max gets into another car accident, to avoid memories from

resurfacing, he goes into a weeklong spiral full of alcohol and women resulting in an

intervention and rehab with the assistance of his brother and best friend.

After rehab, Max is approached by one of the women he met during his downward spiral

and she becomes more than a one night stand. Max strives to make a new home for

them, amongst the obstacles of his past.

Available on Ebooks and Paperbacks

Amazon and Free on Kindle Unlimited: http://amzn.to/2oubD33

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The Choice series.

The Choice Series



Casey Collins had life planned out. Marriage. Career. Family. Happily ever after. Yet life had

other plans.Marriage? Not after she catches her husband with his assistant. Career? What

career. Even her daughter has gone and done the unthinkable … she grew up. As she drops

her daughter off at college twelve hundred miles from home, Casey is beginning to wonder

what’s next in her own life. Until a chance turn of events gives her an opportunity she can’t


Jordi Muriel has built up a successful travel and real estate business in Barcelona. And after

trying the marriage thing and failing miserably, chooses to live life on his terms. Now he’s ready

to expand his business to the International level, and a contract with TravelVentures magazine

may be just the ticket. With Casey as his first client, he’ll try everything to make this week-long

tour the best.

But what happens when sparks fly from the moment the two meet? Will they be able to keep

things professional, or will it change both of their lives.

Start On This Adult Contemporary Romance Series Today!!

* Destination Barcelona (B.1)

Amazon: http://amzn.to/2ngzRg6

* Destination Mexico City (B.2)

Amazon: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B01KGCAB6O

* Destination Vancouver (B.3)


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Get Author Samantha A.Cole’s Topping The Alpha, B.4 in her Trident Security Series

Universal Amazon Link – http://smarturl.it/TTAamazon   

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   Trident Security operative, Jake Donovan, has been a member of the BDSM lifestyle since his teenage years. Starting as a submissive, he eventually became a Dom, but a brutal incident, years ago, changed Jake’s life forever. Unable to shake the ghosts of his past, he’s avoided giving his heart to anyone for sixteen years. Until Nick.   


   Navy SEAL, Nick Sawyer, knew it was probably a bad idea to get involved with his brothers’ friend and employee, but there was something about Jake that drew him in. While his brothers also owned a private BDSM club, The Covenant, Nick never understood what attracted people to the lifestyle. He had nothing against it, but it just wasn’t for him. Until Jake.   


   An old missing person’s case has Jake running to rescue a teenage girl and Nick volunteers to watch his back. But when things go awry, Jake must confront his past, before he can ever think about a future…one that, hopefully, includes Nick.


✫¸.•°*”˜˜”*°•…✫¸.•°*”˜˜”*°•.✫ღ˚ •。* ˚ ˚✰˚ ˛★* 。 ღ˛° 。✫¸.•°*”˜˜”*°•

Shannon Youngblood Janae Keyes

When your life has been planned for you from the moment you were born, there isn’t room to be yourself. Born to accomplished Atlanta lawyers, Megan Reese has been given a path to take, under the watchful eye of her strict parents. There is no room for slip-ups in their world, and Megan has never been given the opportunity to be her own person until her childhood crush re-enters her life.

After eight years across the pond to avoid his life, and his parent’s incessant need for him to use his genius for good, Spencer Grant has returned to Atlanta to escape his mistakes in Europe. However, when fate steps in and tempts him with the sweetest Peach he’s ever encountered, Spencer finds himself wondering, is Megan influencing him to be a better person or is she the one being Influenced?
☆.•°*°•.☆PRE-ORDER $1.99☆.•°*°•.☆

AMAZON US: http://amzn.com/B06XXQ1BJJ

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