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With stories based on real Tweets and Facebook posts as the prompts. You know the ones that sound like cries for help or friends disgusted with life, love, friends, everything, but don’t tell it all and you wonder…
The grab bag of all reading experiences.
The books you are about to experience are so vague we can’t even. How brave are you? Take a chance and see what lands in your inbox Dec. 14 with this never-been-done duet project. Because life is vague and you know you want to know. Pass the popcorn… #OMG
My story “Bridges Burned” by Rita Delude is based on the post below.
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Erin Lee Author


Circus Freak Series Book Five Erin Lee #SciFi #Twisted #Circus Freak PRE ORDER TODAY!


GR TBR: Star by Erin Lee https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/37849101-star via @goodreads

What happens when the greatest show and only alien on earth collide?

Meet Neptune.
Born between the stars, she really had no other destiny. Tired of being a spectacle and unable to fit in with ordinary humans, Neptune finally finds a home in the circus. There, as the best-ever flying act, Neptune tries to make sense of her freaky co-workers; all of whom seem to have secrets.

Will it take a natural born star from another galaxy to make things right at the circus again?
Or, are some things far beyond the control of the cosmos?

Kellen’s Tempting Mate A NOT SO NAÏVE SHE-WOLF: Laikyn O’Neil has loved Kellen for years. Thinking to prove her love, she sets out to learn how to be a good submissive, only to find herself needing a savior.

Elle Boon

THE RELUCTANT ALPHA: When Kellen Styles finds Laikyn in the last place he expected, he rides to her rescue, but then can’t stop his dominant needs from taking over. Sure that he has moved too soon, he backs off to give Laikyn time to come to terms with the fact that they are mates. Instead she leaves, thinking he didn’t want her.

AN UNDENIABLE BOND: Kellen is determined to claim his tempting mate and earn her forgiveness, and nothing and no one will stand in his way. When their world is suddenly rocked off its axis by vampires, fey and more, their pack will have to unite with these strangers in order to defeat the beings that threaten those they love.


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The one day English teacher Reagan Wild is late for work—and looks like she dressed herself in the dark—she remembers Carter Anthony, a well-known football star, is coming to the school to deliver a talk to her overexcited students.

While Reagan knows Carter from her high school days, since he was her past crush, she wasn’t ready to see him again. At the time, she hated being invisible. But right now, she wished she could simply disappear.

Carter Anthony is keen to give back to his hometown, but what he doesn’t expect is getting something in return. When a chance encounter with Reagan, the shy girl from his past, happens, he knows instinctively this woman is supposed to be in his life.

With an embarrassing ability to blurt out whatever’s on her mind, Reagan doesn’t understand Carter’s attention. She has no doubt, though, he’ll soon realize his mistake when he discovers just how crazy she and her family are. But no matter what he sees, what he hears, or how her looney family behaves, he doesn’t run. In fact, Carter’s family seem just as unique as hers.

Through dog poop, naked yoga, and the paparazzi’s, can Carter and Reagan have any hope in love, even when it’s fumbled?

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Fractured Beat
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Broken Lyric
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Shattered Rhythm
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Evan’s Encore
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Only true love can pierce a heart of stone…❤️
😍A new PNR by Madison Granger

Cursed to live as a stone statue by day, a winged guardian at night, Roul Jourdan resolutely patrols the city he is appointed to watch over. For five hundred years, he’s known of the way to break his curse, but it’s next to impossible.

Lexi Dubois has hit rock bottom. Slowly rebuilding her life, she realizes what she wants most can’t be bought.

As Roul and Lexi embark on separate journeys to find themselves and create new lives, fate takes a hand to show them that true love can happen in the most unexpected of places.

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…Lena Miller is about to find out no one in her life is as they appear.Lena was returning to life as she knew it after grieving the loss of her mother.She has a great job at a local resort that she loves most of the time and friends who love and treat her like family.That all changes when the resort is sold and a familiar stranger enters her life; changing everything she ever thought she knew about herself, her family, and her friends.

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All my life, I have been told I could do anything I set my mind to. That has always been my driving force. The one thing that has given me the courage to pursue my dreams.

Five years ago, given the opportunity of a lifetime, I walked away from the man I loved. I became a top designer at a prestigious firm with an extensive list of clients and a swanky downtown apartment. It seemed all

my dreams were coming true. Then

an unexpected tragedy caused me to reevaluate my life.

Now I am pursuing a new dream, in a new city, unaware of the opportunities that await me, both personally and professionally.

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