Fractured by AC Nixon!❤️

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Sexy Steamy New Release, Fractured
Title: Fractured

Series: Part Of The Diamond Club

Author: A.C. Nixon

Genre: Dark, Adult Contemporary Romance

Release Date: May 23, 2017 TOUR: MAY 23 – 25 

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Where secrets are sacred and diamonds are currency 
Revenge is sweet, right? Wrong.
Maybe I should start from the beginning. Not bragging, but I’m remarkable at my chosen vocation, and I have been for ten years. During that time, I’ve accomplished heists most believed impossible.
But after ten years, I left the game before my luck ran out. So, what happened? The Diamond Club, an elite organization of the best and brightest in the trade, extended the coveted invitation.
Well, too little too late.
To prove a point, I stole the Winston Ruby—or rather, that was the plan—until the gem’s sexy as sin owner caught me in the act. Now, to maintain my freedom, looks like I’ll have to complete one last heist.
Something tells me this is going to be the toughest job of my life.
If you love brash, slightly awkward women and seductive men with secrets, then you’ll love Fractured—A Diamond Club novella. 
✰★✰★✰ About The Diamond Club✰★✰★✰
You are invited to carry out your wildest and sexiest dreams,
One fantasy at a time…
Welcome to the elite and private membership of The Diamond Club. Once you receive your key, your darkest and most forbidden desires become realized as you encounter the wealthiest and most titillating individuals you’ve ever known. 
The club exudes power, prestige, and decadence, but can you handle the heated temptation and hidden corruption of what’s behind those closed doors?
One sample and you’re changed for life…

In this 10-author collection of standalone novellas, readers will explore the secrets and sensuality of The Diamond Club as each author takes you on a tour of the true fantasy and desire behind the world’s most exclusive club. 
Grab your invitation and get ready to experience the ultimate throes of passion and pleasure in the darkest club around. Go See The World:
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You know that awkward sweet child that danced around the room in her mom’s heels and holding that bottle of Jean Nate pretending to accept her Academy award for best actress? 
Nah, me either.
From the moment my mother’s friend gave me a box of Harlequin Romances, I was hooked. No more Nancy Drew for me. It was all about finding love and happy ever after. 
Between then and now, I’ve done a plethora of things, enjoying most of them. Well, they sounded good at the time. I’ve served in the military, worked with explosives, spent three months as a singing waitress in Interlaken, Switzerland, and enjoyed many a moments pretending to be someone else on stage.
Eventually I found my prince, but he wears camouflage instead of a crown. My court comprises two cats that can’t quite comprehend I’m the queen. 
When I’m not writing or reading, I’m on a perpetual hunt for the perfect red wine to pair with dark chocolate and attempting to wean myself from social media. Since that won’t happen soon, so feel free to friend me.
While you’re here, take a moment to sign up for my mailing list to stay abreast of new releases. I’m working on an exciting novel trilogy I can’t wait to share with you.
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Feeling Froggy by Annalise Nixon !❤️

Once upon a time there lived a kind, noble, and honorable fae prince.
This story isn’t about that male…🐸👄🔫👄🐸

If you love novellas filled with adventure, romance, forgiveness, and sexy fae princes, then you’ll love Feeling Froggy a F’d up Fairytale. 
Download and start reading today.
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Instead, our tale is about Kellen, heir to the dark throne. He lived as if the entire Darklands was his oyster, and he sought the rarest most perfect pearl. 
When it came to war and women, he left none unscathed. His desire to not wed was known through his kingdom and all the fae lands. To reinforce the edict, he never slept with the same woman more than once.
The one time he broke the rule changed his life and face forever.
Unless a woman grew to care for Kellen—in the next seven days—he would remain a monster. After a millennium in the shadows has nearly ruined him, all that is left to do is renounce his throne and make peace with his wasted life.
Bethany Taylor, a half-breed werewolf, is tired of running. On her last night in yet another small town, instead of minding her business, she becomes ensnared in an elaborate trap. 
When a hooded fae male steps in, he’ll only fight at her side for an unnamed promise. Saying yes is a no-brainer, compared to a lifetime with her sadistic father. 
She hopes she doesn’t live to regret it.

Blood by D.S Wrights!❤️

A Woman Serial Killer? Really? Ohhh REALLY!! 
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The Ascenders Saga by CL Gaber ❤️

Dead Celebrities? Teenagers? Time Travel? Paranormal Romance? Risks? Mysteries And Sooo Much More! That’s The Ascenders Saga 
Newest Release Ascenders OMORROW (V.3)

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The Wolfe and The Phoenix 

Before delving into the dark, emotional romance Covet, you’ll need to meet The Wolfe and his Phoenix in book #0.5, From the Ashes. In honor of the release of Covet coming June 12, this novella is FREE ON KU for LIMITED TIME ONLY!!! If you haven’t read From the Ashes, now’s your chance to meet Kael and Skyla!!! 



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Covet (Forbidden Series Book #2)⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀






*This is a dark romance, suitable for mature audiences, 18+ ONLY. This is NOT a stand-alone. Book 0.5 of the Forbidden Series – From the Ashes – MUST BE read first in order to understand the storyline. Strong sexual themes and violence, which could trigger emotional distress, are found in this story. Certain scenes are graphic and could be upsetting to some. This story is NOT for everyone. Proceed with caution. Discretion is advised.


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When fate throws a Confederate soldier and a Yankee heiress together, they’ll uncover a fierce love worth fighting for…even if it means crossing enemy lines.
From the award-winning, bestselling author of The Winds of Fate comes a novel about a love that crosses the boundaries of civil war. 
When Confederate General John Daniel Rourke is severely wounded at the Battle of the Wilderness, he’s captured and sent to a prison camp. On his way there, Union soldiers mistake him for dead and toss him from the train into the New York countryside, where he lands at the feet of Catherine Fitzgerald, a schoolmistress. 
Rourke wakes to find the mysterious and strong-spirited beauty nursing him back to health. He’s intrigued but unaware of her true identity as the heiress to the Union’s ammunitions manufacturer, and their fiery battle of wits and wills commences. 
Yet when outside forces begin to envelop them in a larger conspiracy, their own war begins. Torn between family loyalties and manipulated by a powerful leader from the Irish underworld, Catherine and Rourke will have to fight on both sides of the secession line to win the most significant battle of all: the fight for their love. 
Filled with detailed battle scenes and breathtaking twists, Surrender the Wind has won “the Marlene” and “the Catherine” Romance Writer’s Awards. AMAZON

The Zone Series. Not Your Average Romance Novels… Let Tarrah Anders Transporte You…

⚬The Friends Zone (B.1)


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Author Lori Osterberg is the  Author Of The Choice Series. For The Romantic Traveler In You. 

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