“Sex, Love, and Lies” 99 CENTS!


Riley Carlson’s life hasn’t been easy. Her mom took off when she was just a teen and she never knew her father. After working two jobs to pay the rent and stay off the states radar she meets Romeo. He’s a sleaze, but he says he can help her and she’s desperate enough to take him up on his offer. The minute she turns 18 she begins working at his club “After Hours.” Six years later, she’s paid her way through college and her ultimate goal is right in front of her. Ready to settle down, she reluctantly agrees to a blind date. Aiden Turner couldn’t be more her opposite. He’s wealthy, gorgeous, and just happens to be the DA. Riley falls fast, and hard but there’s one problem Aiden thinks she’s just a bartender. Will a lie of omission, and secrets she isn’t even aware she has ruin her chance at happiness? Or will the straight laced DA strip away more than just his morals?

*Standalone within a series* #kindleunlimited

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