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Michelle Heard

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2 thoughts on “Don’t miss out on this #SALE! The Enemies To Lovers Series only #99c each or FREE with #KU for a limited time!

  1. Hi, Hope your having a terrific weekend. This book release promotion that I have sent you, has been organized purely to help an indie Author get introduced into the world of self-publishing and sales, while understanding how much information about their book and themselves is required and needs to be continually presented into the social media sites for any type of marketing to be successful. It’s one thing to create a piece of work, that you hope other’s would consider reading, but when experienced Author’s, readers and blogger’s begin responding by letting you know they immediately see and feel this book has that “Something Special” woven into the world and storyline you have created, it’s definitely time to step up and learn about the extra talents needed to be a professional and productive indie Author. Finding the best way to incorporate everything required to put together an efficient balance of knowledge, techniques and administration while attempting to be an all round wiz at sales, advertising, and marketing ensuring your idea’s for your book get the best presentation and exposure possible, can be the most daunting part of the whole indie Author’s world. So in short Christy has a terrific New Book that desperately needs to be helped along into our industry and community, so she can develop and understand how her amazing characters who are on their own adventure, will create a dramatic introduction ensuring those YA reader’s who love Urban Fantasy will be unable to not ind out more about the world of the “Screamcatcher”. Basically as a new YA Author Christy has suddenly found out that writing a novel is only a small part of this journey, as a self-publishing Author you are responsible for delivering what’s incorporated within your novel to the world in a way that’s impossible for them to not be curious and want to grab a copy. I apologize for this email being a little long, but like yourself wanting to see the indie Author’s get all the help possible so they can continue their dreams is why I have spent so much time developing promotion’s that were FREE with all the benefits to those who really needed and deserved any help they can get. Hopefully sooner than later, a publisher who knows they could work in a productive manner where both benefit, will make sure her books get all the exposure needed. So if you could slip a post in it would help Christy hugely. I know you are flooded with book’s to review, and I didn’t think you would appreciate me dropping this into your lap for today. BUT!!!! if you’re interested in this storyline and plot that has never been touched on before ( only 219 pages ) let me know and I will send you a file for you to read and review when you can fit it in. Blurb, The genrè is YA urban fantasy that takes a teenager and four friends into the world of indian mythology about the “Dreamcatcher’s ability” to draw away all and any negative dreams or nightmares. Well lets say that after being in the family for generations this awesome power decides to take matters into their own hands. I couldn’t put the book down, you cannot help but be drawn into this unique experience, and before I realized the book was finished. So if you could grab an arc to drop a quick review I would owe you a big favor. My promotion’s business is officially opening in the next 10 days, so I will send you an email with all the information and details ok. Honestly anything that you can do for this author would be wonderful, knowing we are all here to step up to help each other when necessary is one of the biggest strengths we have. I will send you the media kit within the next hour plus a pdf file just in case you become curious. Again Thankyou, Michelle Chantler.


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