IN 3 DAYS Insatiable by L L Collins is COMING SOON!

Releases May 23rd!

I am Dr. Porter Kingsley.
In my life, I am not easily satisfied. I have an uncontrollable need to have more.
More s*x, more success, more money, and definitely more control.

She is Dr. Kaya Hensley.
Sheโ€™s brash, bossy, ballsy, and beyond beautiful.
But I wonโ€™t let that get to me, because sheโ€™s my competition.
Sheโ€™s everything I want in my bed, but not in my heart.


โ™ฅ If I could give this book five thousand stars I would. Itโ€™s that phenomenal! Itโ€™s addictive, itโ€™s unputdownable, itโ€™s swoony, itโ€™s hot as hell, and itโ€™s ALL THE FEELS!! โ™ฅ ~ Goodreads review
L L Collins

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