#NewRelease → Snapshot by Rebel Farris is #Live #OneClick today

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A new standalone romantic psychological thriller, from the author of the Falling Small Duet.

Love stories don’t usually start with tripping over a dead body.

But mine did. That’s when I met him.

I never thought taking pictures in the woods would be dangerous. Nothing ever happened that far out in no man’s land. But when I stumbled upon a dead body and a man with a mysterious accent, I knew I was in over my head.

Sometimes, choices aren’t simple. Sometimes, things aren’t as they seem. And now, I can’t tell if he’s my savior, or if I’m his prisoner.

When your only choice is the devil you know or the devil you don’t…

How do you choose when it’s not just your life but your heart on the line too?

☆☆ AUTHOR ☆☆
#Snapshot #RomanticSuspense #rebelsvillains #readlikeabadass #embraceyourinnervillain

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