It all begins with… 💎Truths💎 $.99 Stunned by her husband’s mysterious death, her world shatters as betrayal comes to light…

Marabella lives the picture perfect life, an illusion created to protect and hide a horrible secret. When her husband dies under mysterious circumstances, her world unravels and she begins to question everything. A getaway to Mexico leads to a chance encounter with a stranger, igniting a passion buried long ago. Her connection to him grows, threatening to expose her darkest fears. She struggles to find the light as someone from the past threatens her future.

Mac has secrets of his own. He avoids any deep connections after his own tragic loss. Usually a hit-and-run kind of guy, Marabella’s honest beauty, mystery, and strength has him second-guessing his ways. He begins to see the woman behind the façade as she builds a bond with him that’s hard to ignore. But his true identity may destroy what he wants with her.

Marabella and Mac are torn apart as the past clashes with the present. It’s a race against time searching through lies and deception to find strength in each other or face losing everything. Secrets are unveiled and trust becomes paramount.

*This is Book 1 in the Art of Eros trilogy. The second book, Edges, is available now.

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