¸.•*¨) 📚 ¸.•*´¨) 📚 📚 (¸.•´📚 Read for #Free in #KindleUnlimited Read the Evening Bower Series by Sherry Rentschler for free with your Kindle Unlimited subscription.

A phoenix, two vampires, an archangel of death, and friends, battle against dark fae, mercenary vampires, demons and others in order to protect an ancient prophecy that will alter the supernatural world forever. Who wins depends on love, fire, and blood. And blood always wins.
The Gypsy Thorn: an Evening Bower prequel
Link: http://mybook.to/TheGypsyThorn

Time and Blood (Evening Bower Book 1)
Link: http://mybook.to/TimeandBlood

Love and Blood (Evening Bower Book 2)
Link: http://mybook.to/LoveandBlood

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