#TABB #TGIF #PimpPost Hot New Release HIS PEARLS ✮ MASQUERADE SAGA Book 1 By Michael James

Bristol Santana has spent the last seven years in college studying to be a pharmacist. After she left home for college she hasn’t been home in those seven years. Bristol has no plans of ever returning, either. She will graduate in a few short months, and plans on staying put. When her mother asks her to come home to watch the cat while they go away, she isn’t happy to be going back to Salmon Creek. Growing up in Salmon Creek wasn’t easy for her. Bristol was an outcast amongst her peers, therefore, she doesn’t want to get sucked back in.
When Bristol arrives at her parent’s new home, she doesn’t understand the gated community, the five-bedroom home, or what is hidden up in the attic. Nothing her parents have done makes any sense, but what goes on across the street has her even more curious. For two night in a row, she sees men and women dressed in fancy clothes and masquerade masks. She wants nothing more than to know what is going on across the street.

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