#TABB #TGIF #PimpPost 🐻🐻🐻LIVE NOW 🐻🐻🐻 🐻”Draegon” The Falder Clan – Book 1

By Darlene Tallman

Draegon Muldoon was the alpha of the Falder Clan, a pack of bear shifters who worked in and among the community. Desirous of a mate of his own, he never expected his border collie, Lucy, to find her at the edge of his property.

However, the moment he picked her up, both he and his bear knew she was theirs. When it becomes evident she’s at death’s door unless he completes the mate bond, he does so, unsure of what he’ll face when she wakes up.

Wyndi Adams was making her way to her long-time friend when she found herself at a local eatery one night. When she next wakes up, she’s in the home of a stranger. Only, he doesn’t feel like one. And when he tells her she’s now a bear shifter, she goes a little bit…crazy.

Can Wyndi accept that she’s now a shifter and fully bond with Draegon? Will the poachers that have been plaguing the area cause him to lose the one thing he’s grown to love?

🐻Link: myBook.to/Draegon

Darlene Tallman

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