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Noah Haskett, the Marquis of Hesterton, is a recluse. Shame based on his late brother’s actions in battle have forced him to shy away from the ton. When the sole survivor of his brother’s regiment begins speaking, Noah is lured out of hiding. But the answers he seeks are slow to come and it appears someone might be trying to kill him. Of course, being enchanted by a woman is not part of his plan and i is making matters rather complicated.

Miss Helen Craig has spent a lifetime hiding her ability to see the future. Despite her reluctance to accept her gift, she has also begun to have visions of the past. Concerned her gift may lead to madness, she volunteers at a hospital for the sick and insane in the hopes of learning how to avoid such a fate. But when a omen of death comes to her after an encounter with a sullen, brooding Marquis, she is compelled to do something she’s never done before: attempt to change the future.

When the past and future collide, will love be enough to save them or will the sins of others be their doom?

Madeline Martin

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