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Love Scene, Take Two
Alex Evansley
Published by: Swoon Reads
Publication date: June 12th 2018
Genres: Contemporary, Romance, Young Adult

Debut author Alex Evansley delivers a sweet summer romance in this inventive novel about a young heartthrob and teen author falling in love.

Teddy Sharpe is kind of famous. He might actually be on his way to being really famous, especially if heโ€™d nailed an audition for the lead role in the movie adaption of the newest bestselling young adult book series. Thereโ€™s just one problem: He totally blew the audition. And heโ€™s stuck in a tiny North Carolina airport. And his maybe-ex-girlfriend kind of just broke up with him.

The weekend isnโ€™t exactly looking good until Bennett Caldwell, author of the very book series he just auditioned for, takes pity on him and invites him to her familyโ€™s lake house. Away from the glitz and glam of Hollywood for a few days, Teddy starts to relax . . . and somehow he and Bennett just click. But dating is hard enough when you arenโ€™t the subject of several dozen fanblogs, and the Internet is full of juicy gossip about Teddy and Bennett . . . gossip that Bennett might not be prepared to handle.

Chosen by readers like you for Macmillanโ€™s young adult imprint Swoon Reads, Alex Evansleyโ€™s debut novel, written from both Bennett and Teddyโ€™s perspectives, will have teens laughing, swooning, and falling in love along with these fantastically relatable characters.

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A Day in the Life of Alex Evansley.

I fancy myself a creature of habit.

This can be a really good thing sometimes and a really bad thing other timesโ€”and usually what determines how I spend my day is less about what I have to do and more about what time I go to bed the night before. I do my best writing when itโ€™s dark out, whether thatโ€™s AM or PM, and that can throw my sleeping schedule crazy out of whack if Iโ€™m not careful (Iโ€™m really, really good at sleeping during the day). That said, Iโ€™ve tried to play to my strengths a bit to create a daily routine that caters to my night owl tendencies, but keeps me from reverting back my nocturnal alter ego that operates on her own spacetime continuum. It worksโ€ฆmost days.

On days when I have deadlines and homework and actual work, I usually stay up until about 2 a.m. writing the night before (unless Iโ€™m really on a roll and throw caution to the wind). The next day, I make an active effort to be out of bed by 9 a.m. (this is crucial). I do most of my grad school stuff between 9:30 and 12:30, grab a quick lunch, then I either finish up school work that needs to get done or get in some writing time until about 3. After that, I start getting ready for work. Depending on the day and shift, I usually get off around 10 p.m. and come home to write some more. All super exciting.

On weekends and days off, Iโ€™m all about not having a routine. Iโ€™ll stay up as late as I want and sleep in as long as I want. Iโ€™ll write. Iโ€™ll hang out with friends. Iโ€™ll visit family. Iโ€™ll go on vacation. Iโ€™ll pretty much do anything that doesnโ€™t involve shifts or grad school (gotta find that balance, kids). And Iโ€™m not gonna lie, I love everything about the routines I make and break, because Iโ€™m at a time in my life when my schedule does fluctuate a lot, and I know it wonโ€™t always be that way. I appreciate the variety and freedom that comes with influx.

So yeahโ€”after typing all of that out I realized that Days in the Life of Alex Evansley are based entirely around writing and sleeping and Iโ€™m sitting here laughing about it but also thinking, yikes. I have another year of grad school left and lots of books I want to write, though, so I guess itโ€™s justifiable, right? (Just agree with meโ€ฆ itโ€™s 4 in the morning right now and Iโ€™m a little delirious.)

Author Bio:

Alex Evansley is a twenty-something-year-old writer from North Carolina. Her specialized talents include putting on workout clothes and not working out, sleeping during the day, losing socks, and procrastinating stories sheโ€™d like to write. Love Scene, Take Two is her debut novel.

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