RELEASE BLITZ Title: When the Dark Wins

Authors: Jennifer Bene, Addison Cain,
Cari Silverwood, Yolanda Olson, Zoe Blake,
Dani René, Eris Adderly, Michelle Brown
Genre: Horror (no HEA) Anthology
Release Date: May 8, 2018


Inside these pages lurks the stuff of nightmares, the inky blackness of our world captured by the top authors of dark romance. Except in these stories there is no romance. No heroes. No happy endings.

This is a book that has been crafted, twisted, and deformed to shred you, scare you, and possibly traumatize your mere mortal mind. Here is your last warning… no one is coming to save you if you choose to dive into the depravity.

In these stories, the dark wins.

Every. Single. Time.

Eight corrupting tales designed to blacken your heart:

Breaking Beth by Jennifer Bene
Catacombs by Addison Cain
Used by Cari Silverwood
What Lies Beneath by Yolanda Olson
My Name is Jane by Zoe Blake
Severed by Dani René
A Sinner in Virtue by Eris Adderly
The Hunted by Michelle Brown




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Jennifer Bene:
Addison Cain:
Cari Silverwood:
Yolanda Olson:
Zoe Blake:
Dani René:
Eris Adderly:
Michelle Brown:


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