Now Live Zombie BFF by Liz Hahn

Zombie BFF

Short Tales
Genre: Young Adult – Zombie
Publisher: Little Hondo Press
Date of Publication:   5/8/18
Number of pages: 80
Word Count: 14,500
Cover Artist: Ravven
Tagline:  In a zombie apocalypse, best friends really
are forever.
Book Description:
Best friends forever takes on a
whole new meaning when you’re a zombie.
Penny helped Mia survive the
horrors of high school.
Now Mia has a chance to return
the favor and help Penny survive the zombie apocalypse. 
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     Another body flings itself at the car. The
undead have some sort of death wish.
     “We need a shortcut,” says Mia.
     If I hadn’t applied her makeup for the
play, I might have mistaken her for one of those things. Zombies. Undead.
Walkers. Did it matter what they were called? “Where?” 
     “There,” she yells, pointing ahead. “Cut
across Old Man Jenkins’ place!”
     “Are you crazy? He’ll call the police,” I
     “I think the police are a little busy
right now,” says Mia.
     She has a point. I make a hard right by
his driveway, clipping his mailbox. Wincing, I glance in the rearview mirror.
Envelopes and catalogues fly in the air like confetti at a parade. If I survive
this, I might not survive the homeowner’s wrath.
     “Watch out!” Mia is holding onto to the
dashboard for dear life.
     I turn my attention back to the lawn and
swerve, just missing a zombie…or was it Old Man Jenkins? He’s so old it’s hard
to tell.
     “Maybe I should drive,” offers Zack.
     “It’s not my fault Driver’s Ed didn’t
cover the end of the world maneuvers!”

the Author:

Liz Hahn is a mild-mannered
accountant by day and author by night. In addition to her new YA Short Tales
series, she writes contemporary romance under Liz Matis. She enjoys reading,
watching sports, going to the beach, and Zumba.
Fun Fact: Liz read her first
romance novel at the age of fifteen and soon after wrote her first romances
starring her friends and their latest crushes!

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