#TiedinKnots #TheThakoreRoyals Book #2

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When Princess Chitrangada Vasudeva of Jodhana runs away from her bodyguards in the European city of Zurich, the last thing she expects is to be incarcerated with a stranger in his hotel suite for three days and nights.
Prince Rajvardhan Thakore of Udaipur is on his way to take part in the ice polo event at St. Moritz and plans to take a much-needed break in Zurich. He’s thrown for a toss when he stops his car to help a damsel in distress. A few minutes into the encounter, he finds out that “Princess” is anything but a helpless female.
Sparks fly, and how!
Until that morning when Princess simply ups and leaves Rajvardhan without a contact number or a forwarding address. He doesn’t even know her real name.
And then they meet again under the most unusual of circumstances back in Rajasthan, during Chitrangada’s engagement to Raja Harischandra Gajanan of Indore. Even stranger is the fact that her fiancé is more her father’s contemporary than hers.
Will the Thakore prince’s endeavour to make the Vasudeva princess his own succeed under the circumstances?
Grab your copy here: http://viewbook.at/TiedinKnots

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