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Light up The Moon by J F Holland Romance Writer

“Book 4 in The Bound Series, heated shifter romance.

Balin’s recovery is uncertain, and there seems to be a new player on the field, a dream demon. The only problem is they don’t know if he’s friend or foe. Maisie is still out there somewhere, but is she still a threat, and if so can they find her?

Luc is now actively seeking a way to break the curse that Maisie put on him centuries ago. Could Sophia, the new member of Lana’s family be the key to his salvation?

The stakes are now higher for everyone, as there are more than one set of mates that need to complete the binding ceremony.

With rescues, scouting missions and binding ceremonies to be completed, can the immortals finally find peace, or once again, will their lives be turned upside down.

Is the new moon going to bring with it some closure or will it once again light up with yet more carnage as the immortals fight for their mates?

Contains, profanity, adult sexual scenes and violence.”


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