You are about to enter the courthouse where Whitey Bulger went on trial in 2013, the same courthouse where the jury for the Boston Marathon bomber, Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, returned a verdict of:  death by lethal injection….

Jaded Justice

#NSFW18+ #GothicParanormalRomance #TrueCrimeThriller

WARNING:  This book contains explicit language, violence, and real court cases containing true crime elements which may be disturbing and offensive. Intended for mature audiences only, 18+.


Caught in the cesspool of the inner court system, Becky Lawrence can’t believe her dream job, Assistant U.S. Attorney, is turning into a nightmare thanks to her new boss, Zach Woods. Assisting him in the courtroom is a trial within the trial for Becky. He’s as brash as he is brilliant.

This duo creates a powerful pair, though working side-by-side sparks an instant attraction Becky wasn’t expecting … and one she is not sure she can resist. It wouldn’t be so bad if she could keep her emotions out of the equation, but love is slowly filling her heart for her handsome, married boss!

To add to the angst, there’s a ghost, Charlie, in the courthouse — yes, a real live (or should we say dead) ghost who haunts the courtrooms seeking the justice he never received.

But Becky understands Charlie’s frustration. Every day she sees lawyers make shady deals with criminals while sacrificing the victims at the altar of “getting the big fish”! Her ideal of the perfect justice system is being replaced with a stark picture of how the process really works.

Through it all, Becky has Zach’s back. As they fall deeper into sin, Becky receives the shock of her life. With a heavy heart, she realizes her perfectly imperfect life is crashing around her….

Written by a former federal official court reporter, based on real cases that were prosecuted in the waterfront federal courthouse in Boston, this is crime fiction at its most realistic and compelling …

“Gripping” and “Powerful” – The Boston Globe



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