​This was the truth, this was my reality, this was my life. I was the escort. FROM USA TODAY BESTSELLING Author M. Robinson 

VIP book I:
AMAZON US http://amzn.to/1JtdKrB

AMAZON UK http://amzn.to/1OiEWdD

AMAZON CA http://amzn.to/1YzTMCu

AMAZON AU http://bit.ly/1YzTVFR
★The Madam book II:

AMAZON US http://amzn.to/1JteGfB

AMAZON UK http://amzn.to/1QWrNfz

AMAZON CA http://amzn.to/1NKyyg1

AMAZON AU http://bit.ly/1QWrWQc
★MVP book III:

AMAZON US http://amzn.to/1JteQnf

AMAZON UK http://amzn.to/1OJMmHF

AMAZON CA http://amzn.to/1NBtuNb

AMAZON AU http://bit.ly/1V4OJd1
Graphic by Emma Louise ❤


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