​Carnal Twilight A Crimson Realm Prequelby Taryn Jameson and Gabriella Bradley.

Read before the start of the Crimson Realm Chronicles.
🐉COMING SOON 🐉 In Search of Pride🐉
Crimson Realm Chronicles #1


The gods smile upon a weary warrior…

Brenn, a warrior, returning home from battle, rests by a tempting magical pool and meets a siren who changes his life forever.


Then he saw her… Grabbing the base of his cloak, Brenn quickly wiped the water from his eyes. He shook his head in disbelief. This woman, this dainty naked nymph rising from the water, was not what the legends spoke of. Her body glowed in the moonlight, a halo of unruly raven hair framing a beautiful face and cascading down to her trim waist. Her full luscious lips parted in song, hypnotizing him, beckoning him to come to her… begging him to take her. The gods were smiling down upon him again with the gift of this beautiful creature.
#Erotic #Romance, #Fantasy, #Paranormal, #Shapeshfter
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⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Stars from Multitaskingmomma

“…it hurtled me into a magical and fantastical world in ways I never expected. The scene was dramatic, the words were lyrical, and for some reason, this reminded me of Swan Lake.”

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