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This book is a standalone DARK Erotic Thriller, exclusively available on

Amazon including Kindle Unlimited.
It contains scenes such as murder, torture, and rape/ forced sex, as well as hinting disturbing topics that not are described in the book, such as different forms of child abuse.


This promotional book tour starts from Friday, July 21st with the release of the preorder links through the release day on Monday July 31st until Friday August 4th.

Media will be provided both HTML and doc files for easy posting. ARC copies will be provided straight to kindle only.  All will be sent via


🔥Facebook Book Page:  

🔥Are you part of D. S. Wrights fangroup?

Dee’s Beasties (D. S. Wrights fans) If so, check out a group there is a special giveaway JUST for you for spreading the word!

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