​TOMORROW! TOMORROW! Guess when “As Long As You Love Me” is available? 

ღ Blurb ღ•
One brief encounter.

One moment in time that changed their lives forever.

Jensen Causer is a single father of twin teenagers. He has sworn off relationships after 

the damage his ex-wife caused him and their kids. Jensen hires Max and Sarah to 

remodel the twins’ bedrooms, and add a much-needed bathroom to give him some 

peace; but moving in with his parents during construction brings out so much of the 

past that Jensen must realize he needs to face head on.

Can Jensen put his heart back together but help his children heal too?

It has always been the three of them, Sarah, Max, and Abby; but everything has changed since their big move to a new city. Sarah Edwards feels like an outsider in her own life. 

When a clumsy tumble down the steps changes Sarah’s friendships and life forever. 

While Sarah is faced with the biggest choice of her life and filled with fear of a future she can’t control, she finds refuge in a friendship she didn’t expect.

Can Sarah let down her walls?

Can Jensen and Sarah find happiness in the paths they chose?

Does opening yourself up and relying on someone else make you stronger and whole or 

does it shatter yourself?

Cover Designed by Judi Perkins of @Concierge Literary Designs & Photography

Models: Lance Jones and Cassia Brightmore
•ღ Pre-Order Here ღ•

AMAZON US: http://a.co/4z8thDO

AMAZON UK: http://amzn.eu/cyBWjnX

AMAZON CA: http://a.co/b4gXwiz

AMAZON AU: https://www.amazon.com.au/dp/B072TXK2KN


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