Quills and Daggers 


What is The Collective?

     The Collective is a group of five authors, Riley Edwards, Chris Genovese/Carver Pike, Ellie Masters, Elias Raven, and Erin Trejo, that are bringing a very unique new series of books to you. They will be broken down into to Seasons. This Season will have 10 Episodes. You may very well meet some new authors next Season. Each episode weaves the characters and storylines of ten standalone novels together to give you an epic crossover series. 
     We’ve left you breadcrumbs, tidbits of information intertwined throughout our stories. Each episode is the story of a different couple living their lives in San Francisco. The day to day life and struggles and ups and downs. Just like in real life, there are many background situations that connect us to various friends and aquaintances. We always hear about crimes and dark, bad things happening around us, but we never think it will involve us or someone we know. 
Until it does!
The Collective Series

Season 1 reading order:

❉Riley Edwards- Unbroken 

❉Erin M Trejo – Iron Claw MC 

❉Ellie Masters- Learning to Breathe 

❉Elias Raven – Shadow and Flame 

❉Chris Genovese – Quills and Daggers 

❉Riley Edwards- Unbroken 2

❉Erin M Trejo – Iron Claw MC 2 

❉Ellie Masters- Becoming His 7/11/17

❉Elias Raven – Shadow and Flame 7/25/17
❉Carver Pike – We All Fall Down 8/1/17
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Welcome to The Collective

☞To keep up with the latest turn of events visit the links below.

Website – http://www.thecollectivenovels.com

FB – https://www.facebook.com/TheCollectiveNovels

Email – thecollectivenovels@gmail.com

Newsletter sign up – http://eepurl.com/cxCJFb
The Collective



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