​LIVE 1-CLICK NOW!!BEAUTIFUL EVIL #4 The Master 07.11.17B.B. Blaque

•`✫*🔪🌹*✶“Now’s the time to be afraid . . .”I pulled the blindfold down and whispered, growing louder with each word. “Now’s the time . . . Run!”. “Time is ticking away . . .”She spun around fast, blonde hair twisting into one of the bushes, wet tears streaking her face.“And in a heartbeat . . . time’s up.”•`✫*

Even after crossing into the new lifestyle I continue to hunt
Now,the prey is willing & old habits never die
I’m a Master and still a Monster
I instruct & sell slaves to other dominant Men & keep the ones I choose as my own
My reputation is spoken of in hushed & reverent tones…
My lust for tears is now legendary
But, I have unfinished business that needs to be put to rest
So, I prowl the dungeons of New York City
Hidden by the shadows…
Stalking the minds of slaves I feed my insatiable hunger for tears, pain, total control & an unrivaled…Vengeance
This is my twisted story
It’s still not romantic
But, I may be a hero
No… I’m still a Monster, but I’m one hell of a Master


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