Author H.E. Kline’s The Haunting Of The Hockomock Swamp

#NativeAmerican #Shifter #Contemporary Romance

“Mixing real history with storytelling, an intriguing and wholly engaging story about an Indian ghost haunting, a secret message within the horror, and a woman driven to uncover the mystery plaguing a group of young children” … “A Must Read” and showcased as “New Favorite Paranormal Read”… Midwest Book Review



The biggest genocide in human history didn’t occur in Nazi Germany, but on American soil. 100 million Native Americans were slaughtered and lost their homeland … so much of King Philip’s War [1675-1676], a terrible and bloody conflict between English settlers and the natives of the region, took place near the swamp; both sides committed crimes against women and children, and the swamp saw some of the bloodiest massacres ever to happen in America.

Even after the war there was betrayal and killing. The Wampanoag found their land taken away and most of their tribe killed.

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