​** SELENA’S DECISION **————————————

** Dark Desires and Secret Fantasies — An Eccentric, Rich Couple with Strict Victorian Values — A Job Offer in a Household that takes pride in Staff-Discipline ** 

Bored with her mundane lifestyle, shop assistant, Selena Thomson, spots an unusual advertisement in the local newspaper, offering employment as a ‘Maid’ in the estate of an extremely rich couple. 

Never in her wildest fantasies could Selena have foreseen the strange and erotic events that lay before when she answered that ad.
~ *~*~* ~
‘Dear Ms. Thomson,

Thank you for your prompt response to our advertisement regarding the position of ‘Maid’ in our establishment.

Attached is a suitability questionnaire which we would like you to fill in to the best of your ability. As presentation and appearance are of importance in this position, we would also ask that you attach a recent photograph.

If you are viewed as a suitable candidate, we will be in touch as soon as possible to arrange an interview. 

Many thanks,

Short and sweet, thought Selena, as she eagerly clicked on the attachment. The file opened up into a form with tick-boxes and comment slots. There were ten questions in all, mostly concerning work experience, and personal likes and dislikes; almost all pretty straightforward. However, question nine struck Selena as quite strange, and drew a gasp of surprise from her.

‘(9) We believe that effort deserves reward. Conversely, we believe that lack of effort deserves punishment. Do you agree?’

For this question, there were just two simple tick-boxes; yes and no. There was no comment slot. In other words, it was a very direct question; no room for discussion. You either agreed or you disagreed.
‘Selena’s Decision’ is a Complete Novella by Marian Wilder, creator of the popular ‘Slaves of Dark Haven’ series.









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