*´¨ I’ll Always Be Loving You 2  .•*´¨)  by Kay Sweets(¸.•´  is Dropping Tomorrow 

Impulse can cause chaos while deceit can cause doubt; Tweet found out that being bitter about her past was the cause of most of the pain she would and had endured. Having the weight of the world on your shoulder can be a heavy burden to bare because it can either make you or break you. 
Mentally exhausted and overwhelmed she feels like she is at the point of no return. Feeling alone,  she finds comfort in someone that knows her best. Standing by her side, Sean proves to be in it  for the long haul but as usual just when things start to look up, she is thrown yet another curve ball, forcing her to make a tough decision. She discovers that with wisdom comes strength, with knowledge comes prosperity, but with love…there’s never a clear eye view…when the heart is a target, no telling which way it may go. The biggest fight she’s battling right now is whether to hang on to the past, or fight for a new beginning.
Find out what happens in this finale!
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