Pick up the Spaniard By: Author Angela Goldsberry 4.9 Stars out of 5 Stars on Amazon. Reviewers are buzzing! 

** If you love  a good paranormal romance with thriller overtones this book is for you !! 

All Michael Blake wanted to do was to have a normal, quiet life. Kind of hard to do, being a 500-something-year-old vampire. Still, he was giving it his best shot, turning his back on the vampire community, and trying to blend in with the mortals. Leaving the fast life of the Big Apple, he moved to Rhode Island, took up teaching art at a small university, and left himself with enough spare time to do nothing but paint. But someone – or something – just won’t leave him alone. His past comes calling in the middle of the night, threatening to destroy the new life he’s so carefully constructed. His present is being consumed by an obsessed woman who’s giving him the supernatural hard-sell, and just won’t seem to take “no” for an answer. And his future? His future is laid out for him in a deck of tarot cards, interpreted by a fiery-haired gypsy who haunts his dreams and burns in his blood. Can what the cards say really come to pass? Can this crimson-haired goddess be the indescribable love of his eternal life, prophesied by a fortune-telling parlor game? Can he incorporate her into his “ordinary” life while continuing to outrun the man he used to be? And will she be safe from Michael’s deranged stalker, or will her life be in IMmortal danger?


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