A18922222_466377553702977_5142602737721878565_nngela Mary Johnson


What happens when a young Prince, who is looking for sex, fights and fun, cannot find those things on his front door?
Why, he leaves and goes on a grand adventure!
What will happen on his travels through the Land of Veloc?
Will he find more than just sex?
Will they find more than they can handle?
Or will they find exactly what they need?

Come on a slightly erotic adventure with Azore and his best friends.

Adults only as it contains mature content.

Book Links:

Amazon: http://tinyurl.com/hysqu5w

Amazon paper back link: http://tinyurl.com/jak4pp4

Smashwords link: https://www.smashwords.com/books/view/656736

Barnes and Noble link: http://tinyurl.com/zmpvsmp

Kobo Link: https://store.kobobooks.com/en-us/ebook/azore-s-quest

Follow links:

Facebook https://www.facebook.com/AzoresQuest/

Twitter https://twitter.com/JohnsonAngemjoh

Goodreads https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/31193126-azore-s-quest

Amazon Author page https://www.amazon.com/…/e/B01HJHSKFS/ref=sr_ntt_srch_lnk_1…

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