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Hearts on Fire: Broken Hearts by Leslie Bays

 Owen’s kisses haunted her. She couldn’t stop thinking of that morning. How his lips felt against hers. The way she melted when he kissed her neck. What was a girl to do?The way she willing open herself to the invasion of his tongue. Accepting his stroking hers. How he ordered her to stand by the window. Not caring if she was seen. All she wanted was him. She was ready to give him anything he wanted. For she wanted the exact same thing. She wanted to feel him claiming her. Taking his hunger to a new level as hers has risen to. Her mind screaming for her to stop but her body wouldn’t listen. The image of him standing there, his shirt undone, exposing his chest to her. She could see herself licking her way down his beautiful firm chest. The image had her squeezing her thighs together feeling the thin fabric moist.

“It is so pretty out here.” Katrina’s voice pulled her out of her daydream.

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