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Reunion is the story of two men forced apart ten years ago when the best night of their lives turns out to be the worst, when Nico leaves without word or warning. Ryan is left alone and confused not to mention broken hearted he if forced to make a new life for himself. But neither of them are ever happy apart and still keep their love locked away in their hearts

So after Reunion finishes on a cliffhanger as both men face a part of Nico’s life they never wanted to see again, with this on top of their new relationship learning to live together is tough. After ten years apart they have so much to learn about each other and of course there are difficult times, and when it looks like someone is out there to split them up the two men have a tough time ahead of them. 

The final book in the series is Elysium. Here Ryan and Nico have moved away from Ryan’s home in Grande Valley and into Nico’s home. Life seems idyllic until Ryan receives an email that opens back a part of his life he never wanted to think about let alone revisit. Is life going to be simple? Can Ryan turn his back on the demands being made? Of course not, life is never that easy when it one worth fighting for.
Troy – Into the Light

When Troy sets his eyes on a man in a club, he has no idea just how much his life is going to change. Franco, a successful, wealthy business owner sees the young, incredibly beautiful young man his life alters irreparably, he must have him. The two men enter a relationship so powerful, so passionate that they believe they have found their forever, that nothing can ever come between them. When tragedy strikes and Troy must battle on, will he manage alone?
Troy – Out of the Dark

Raff McMahon, irascible, tattooed, long-haired photographer gets the chance of a lifetime when a call from De’ath Of You Enterprise offers him an interview. The voice of Troy Ballantyne, successful co-owner sends sparks of interest through Raff and he can’t get him out of his mind.

Troy finds himself fascinated by the photographer, and when they meet he finds himself feeling things he thought he would never have again after Franco. Is this man the one? Is he the man Franco said was waiting for him? Troy finds himself drawn explicably to Raff, is he finally go to find his happy ever after or are there forces out there ready to break them apart?







Troy – Out of the Dark


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