Book 2 – With You, Out of the Dark by Arlene Gonzales 

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Alexis Moore moved twenty-eight hundred miles to escape the horrors of her past…
With her best friend Shannon by her side, Alexis finally felt like she was moving on with her life. Now Frank—the man who murdered her family—has returned, and Shannon is nowhere to be found. Alexis knows in her gut that Frank is involved, and wonders if the nightmare will ever be over.
Aiden found everything he ever wanted in Alexis…..
Aiden Steffan is the highest paid male model in the world, and he knows it. After years of living the playboy lifestyle and dealing with demons of his own—the result of the constant abuse he endured as a child—behind, he has found true love with Alexis. After an accidental injury sends her to the hospital, Aiden finally tells Alexis how he feels. 
While the search continues for Shannon, the man responsible turns up right under their noses…
Aiden learns Frank killed a police officer, and that he is closer to them than they ever suspected. Aiden warns Alexis, but Frank escapes custody. With the help of Alexis’s deceitful nurse, Frank kidnaps Alexis.
Separated from Aiden, Alexis needs to figure out how to get herself out of the madman’s clutches—and she doesn’t know if Aiden is alive or dead.
Will Alexis find her way out of the dark and back to Aiden, or will she bury him too?
If you haven’t started reading this series yet you get book 1, titled Out of the Dark here:

Amazon US: 

Amazon UK: 

Amazon CA:


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