New Author Alert !! Debut Novel, Empty Spaces by Taleigh



Talia Preston was your normal teenage country girl. That was until her world began to fall apart just when she thought life was going to get better. After all she left the past behind, new city, new world, new life and even her first real boyfriend. Yup, Talia felt like she could walk on clouds.

But then what goes up, must come down right? And it did…… her perfect seeming life was ripped in two by a monster. As Talia continues to struggle to pull through each day, she wondered if things would ever get better?

Will Talia ever find the love she has longed for since the passing of her mother? Or will she continue to fall into the Empty Spaces of her shattered world?

***WARNING: This book contains mature sexual content for ages 18+ and graphic traumatic content that can cause triggers***

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