I’m an ex-navy seal who loves guns, cars, and women

I work for a secret government operation, so every mission is an adventure

When I’m not kicking ass, hunting down terrorists and using hi-tech weapons and gadgets, I like to relax with a nice pair of breasts and pretty face for a night or two

But after that, it’s right back to work; I don’t settle down, I’m always on the move

That was—until I met beautiful, young, ambitious Chloe Cameron

She was different from every other woman I’d ever met

The only woman who ever rejected my affections and turned down my irresistible charm

The only woman to keep me chasing after her for more than just her big, bountiful breasts and long, luscious legs

Maybe that’s why I have to make her mine…

Austin’s kingly charms may work on all those bar flies he’s used to pumping and dumping, but his smooth moves won’t work on me

I’ve got more important things to focus on

I’ve just graduated college and landed my first job at the largest newspaper company in the area

I’m determined to prove myself to my new boss and land the one story none of his other journalists or reporters have ever been able to

But when I found myself in over my head and my very life in danger, I couldn’t have been more shocked when it was Austin who came to my rescue

But just because he’s a secret government agent doesn’t give him instant access to my bed

Though it is hard to ignore those enchanting bedroom eyes and that strong, muscular,


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