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Completing Domain, is the completion to the beautifully damaged love story of Dominic Main and Iris Bloom. In this last installment of their story, Dominic will come to realize Iris was not unfaithful, and the two will reunite and continue to navigate through their torrid passionate relationship. When Giovanni gets out of jail, his freedom poses a real threat to Iris’s safety. Can Dominic keep her safe? It won’t be easy, and you will soon find out why the stakes are higher now than ever before. 

These two lovers deserve to find everlasting love, and this conclusion does not disappoint. Dominic will find all the love he never thought he wanted, and Iris, will find all the happiness she never dared to dream. You won’t want to miss their journey to epic love. This is a heartfelt story you are sure to remember, long after you turn the last page.

Completing Domain is the third book in the Ultimate Domain Series. This is a contemporary romance, with an erotically sensual flair. Watch for “Main Attraction,” book IV a sequel to the original trilogy, coming soon. This is the love story of Dominic’s best friend, Logan McAlister, and Dominic’s sister, Elizabeth “Lizzy” Main; two characters originally introduced in the first three books. 
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