fling confessionals: JESSAvailable Now $0.99

That’s when a lovely blonde walked into the parlor wearing a mink coat and heels. She then made her way to the center of the room and all the men sat forward in their seats. I immediately figured out that she must’ve been Penelope Cross, and just stared at her as she removed her mink coat and let it drop to the floor. At that point, she had nothing on but her heels and the jewelry that sparkled in the light, all the time standing there with this seductive look on her face.
My mouth dropped open the moment I saw that. I mean, I knew the job required models to stand around naked, but I just wasn’t expecting it to be so…well, blatant. The men all stared and ogled at her, and some even spoke to each other in hushed voices. Then a voice came through a speaker hidden in the room, and all the men started standing to their feet.
“Gentlemen of the Owl’s Divine, you may now commence with examinations,” said a female voice over the speaker. “But remember, if asked to halt examinations by the model, please do so immediately. And lastly, await all examinations to be completed before making a bid.”
The men began slipping on white gloves while the woman gave the orders, and some even put on surgical masks. I mean, it was the weirdest thing ever, but all Daphne did was smile at me when I looked over at her for an answer.
“And now you may commence,” said the female over the speaker.
Almost immediately, one by one, the men all started approaching Penelope. Then they started circling her, staring at her breasts, her ass, her stomach, and her legs. And though they didn’t all dive in at once, I couldn’t believe my eyes when they just started groping her.
Excerpt from fling confessionals: JESS

(c.) by Grace Charles 


fling confessionals: JESS

Available Now for $0.99



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