💋💋💋Surprise Cover Reveal!💋💋💋

It’s getting close! The long awaited next installment of the DeLuca Family Series is almost here!

Title: Bloodline: A DeLuca Family Novel

Author: KA Ware

Cover Design: Bite Me Graphic Design

Meet Vic and Antonio!!!

Blood isn’t always thicker than business…

Victoria ‘Vic’ Mendoza was raised to believe that family was everything. That no matter how bad things got, your family would always be there to have your back. She clung to that belief during her darkest times, but when an unknown enemy rears its head and starts targeting her business, all signs point to it being an inside job.

For the first time in her life, Vic doesn’t know who she can trust.

Antonio Moretti learned quickly growing up that trust was to be earned and that your bloodline didn’t automatically equate to loyalty. There are two sides to every story, and everyone has two faces. His job as the cleaner for the DeLuca Family allows him to do what he does best, make problems go away.

Dead bodies are bad for business. It’s up to Antonio to figure out who’s behind the tainted product and eliminate the threat.



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