Spying Eyes by L Ann Marie

.★.═══════.★.═══════.★.═══════.★.(¯`•.•´¯) (¯`•.•´¯) Book by L Ann Marie

×°× ` •.¸.•´ ×°× Spying Eyes 

Have you ever loved so hard your world changes? Your heart feels like it’s been consumed by another? Life and living take on new meanings and now you know the difference?

It happened to Ann three times in her life, well really twice, but the third was close. Three strikes and you’re out right? Ann is an indie writer. She never dreamed people would actually read her books and want more. Two series in, she’s lost her belief that she is worth anything to anyone but her family. Harsh words from a man she loved reinforces that belief. Who would want a woman destined for a wheelchair?

Nick and Memo lost the closest family they had within a year of each other. They grew into their manhood disconnected and never knew unconditional until they meet Ann who only does ‘all in.’ Watching her exes stroll through her life, at the worst possible moments, trying for a second chance, isn’t easy.

Can they prove their love for her is the unconditional she craves and not lines from one of her books?

Can they do this while protecting her and her family from the stalker that will do anything to own his very own Ann?

Spying Eyes: http://a.co/ic4qbvT

62 — avec L Ann Marie.


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