~ The AL CLARK Trilogy ~

(Three Sci-Fi Novels with 4.5 Stars or better!)
AL CLARK knows trouble. Conflict seems to follow him. Still, he cannot allow adversity to crush his dreams. Accompany Al and his closest friends as they search for paradise. Learn the struggle required to settle a new planet and create a healthy, sustainable society. If they are to succeed – they must first stay alive.
1. AL CLARK (Book 1)

One man to save them all.

👉 104 Reviews- 4.5 🌟S

2. AL CLARK-Avalon (Book 2)

Paradise comes at a price.

👉 24 Reviews- 4.9 🌟s

3. AL CLARK-Thera (Book 3)

A place to call home.

👉 30 Reviews- 4.7 🌟s

💥 Kindle Unlimited, Digital Download, or Paperback 💥
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