*•*´¨)♥coming soon….May 23, 2017¸.•´♥¸.•*´¨) ¸.•*¨♥ Believing Again 

(¸.• (Finding Your Place #3)

by Rebecca Barber 
 ¸.•*¨♥ blurb ♥¨*•.¸
After his life falls apart, Nate Mitchell climbs onto his motorcycle and tries to outrun his pain. 
Nate leaves behind the noise and chaos of Sydney and accepts a teaching job in a quiet country town. Every afternoon after work, he throws himself into renovations on his old, rundown house until he’s too exhausted to remember.
Josie Perry needs a sign—something to restore her hope.
Abandoned by her baby’s father and disowned by her parents, Josie is now dealing with life as a single mother. She loves being a mum, but she needs something more…like a chance to have a conversation in full sentences with someone who knows how to wipe their own nose. In an effort to rebuild her life, she takes a waitress job at the local club. That’s where she meets Nate…who might provide a little bit more adult interaction than she was looking for.
The possibility of hope is more than they can ignore…
Even Nate and Josie’s friends notice their attraction, and they scheme to get the couple together. But they find reminders in one another of the pasts that nearly destroyed them. They worry a relationship would open up old wounds they’ve tried so hard to heal. 
Is their love strong enough to overcome the demons haunting them?
Is it possible to start Believing Again?
 ¸.•*¨♥ Goodreads tbr ♥¨*•.¸



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