The Zone Series Will Leave You Wanting More.

The Office Zone (Book 3 in the Series)

Jim and Pam. The Obamas. The Gates. Sam & Diane. Alex & Izzy, Meredith & McDreamy, Brad & Angie. Bones & Booth. Castle & Beckett. House & Cuddy. Will & Emma… the list goes on. Office romances do work. Granted most of those examples are from television, but the fact is there – it can work.

LUKAS HARRIS is determined to make Melissa his, when he finally does there are rules that she puts in place to keep their relationship under wraps and away from the office. When Melissa is suddenly called out of town, their secret romance is no longer secret and Lukas is flying to be by her side.

Problems begin occurring shortly after they arrive home by the sudden onslaught of disturbing packages sent to them, stalking them. As they struggle to resume their normal lives, while the authorities try to figure out who their stalker is, relationship doubts and safety become concerns.

Will their relationship be broken due to their stalker or will it make them stronger?

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