Woman Named Red .

Cover Design: Heather Anastasiu

Release Date: April 20, 2017



Yeah, I’m the guy from the famous docu-drama Kennedy Benson: A True American Rags to Riches Story. But they only got the sanitized version of the story. You don’t get to be the rich and powerful bastard that I am by being Mr. Nice Guy. No, I got to where I am by ruthlessness and hard work. And I’m still only a princeling of the San Francisco club and hospitality scene. I’m not stopping till I’m king. Nothing will derail my focus.


Until I meet her.


Wanting. It’s always the most dangerous thing. The wanting. The hoping. Dreaming of a better life for me and my brother even when life keeps knocking us down. Meeting Kennedy Benson is nothing I ever could have expected. We’re from completely different worlds. It could never work. Never.


Then why am I so inexplicably drawn to a man who’s completely wrong for me?





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Amazon CA ~ http://amzn.to/2nXc2yQ

Amazon AU ~ http://amzn.to/2nXfKZx





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About the Author

Stasia Black is an author who’s drawn to romantic stories that don’t take the easy way out. She wants to see beneath people’s veneer and into their dark places, their twisted motives, and their deepest desires. She likes to toss her characters into the tempest and watch them hurt, fight, bleed, and then find out what, if anything, comes out the other side. Come along for the journey because it’s one helluva ride.


Connect with Stasia

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