Before I Wake My Soul to Take 

by Suzzana C Ryan
Jonathan Mandrake lost his beloved wife. He loved Theresa and when she died, she took his heart with her. Her death began his descent into his own personal hell. 

Theresa harbored her own dark secret, one even she was unaware of and learned of when she woke, no longer human. Hell had taken her years before, along with her mortal soul.

A dark stranger possessed her soul and claimed it for his own, demanding she give him love, a rare commodity for a vampire. However, she had one true love, and she embarked on a journey to take him into hell with her.

It’s said that if a vampire destroys its maker, it frees their mortal soul to rest in peace. However, a soul may wander in the abyss forever. Some souls find their way back but are always searching for its mate. Some leave their fate to destiny. The lucky ones find each other in time. Love can conquer all. 

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