The Blindfold

I was blindfolded with silk, so for tonight, I only had four senses.

My surroundings where in complete silence, a silence so profound it brought a shiver to my spine. I could feel the warm hands of the woman that was with me earlier guiding me to my destination. The blindfold was for the sole purpose of keeping everything anonymous, that was the number one rule. We lived with four senses, touch, taste, smell, and sound, sight was prohibited.

I could hear the clicking of my heels heading slowly down the hallway, my heart racing, my tummy doing flips. I was full of apprehension, but breathless excitement filled my body as well. I knew what was to come, but not how or with whom. Would it be all that I had anticipated, I wondered.
We finally came to a stop, and I could hear a door being unlocked then opened. I caught my breath, as a gentle rush of warm air caressed my face. Once again, I was being guided, but this time into a room. And as my shoulder gently graced the door frame, my feet met wood flooring and then a lush area rug.
“Remove your shoes ” I heard a deep voice rumble from out of nowehere.
It ran through me, making my body shiver in response 
Oh my god.
I gasped in shock and lust, as images of the faceless man chased each other through my mind. Then I heard him chuckle ever so softly as I removed my heels as he’d commanded, causing my thighs to clench together, as my body tightened.
“Very good” he said in that low deep voice, causing a rush of heat to tunnel up through my body.
I knew we were alone now, because I’d just heard the gentle click of the door latch close behind me. The anticipation of what would happen next sent my heart into a frenzy, my body shaking uncontrollably. I could feel him, I knew he was near…very near.
I could feel his heat pressing close, but never touching me. He felt so large dwarfing me, while hovering close behind me. Never touching, and saying anything. It was driving me crazy, and I didn’t know how much more I could take.
The silence and wanting of him was making me breathless. He was too close, and yet not close enough. I was losing it. I wanted to just leave, rip off the blindfold, and just leave. I wanted him to touch me, and yet, I was afraid to break the tension or whatever this was. 
When he decided I’d had enough, and I was about to say something ridiculous, he slowly moved to the front of me. I froze in place, and bit my bottom lip. That’s when I felt his first touch.
His hands were hot against my skin, large, rough, and strong, blunt fingers. He gently cupped the side of my face, as he let his thumb pull my bottom lip from between my teeth. He then gently parted them, placing his thumb against my teeth. Then opening my mouth, he inserted his thumb, and I instinctively wrapped my lips around it.
It felt huge and rough, but strangely pleasant. He then slowly began moving it from side to side against my tongue, making me pull it deeper into my mouth, running my tongue against it as I did so. However, I couldn’t pull enough air into my lungs, and the room startes spinning all around me, causing me to release him from between my lips in order to take in a much needed breath.
I must have stumbled against him, because the next thing I knew, I was in his arms being placed on a silk covered bed. And as he gently layed me down, he whispered into my ear with the voice that made my soul shiver.
“I have you,” he rasped. “You’re mine.”
And then he proceeded to have me, over and over again, making me his for the night. In the end, he showed me what the eyes could never see.
The clarity of the blindfold.
© by Grace Charles 

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